Monday, December 10, 2007

end of the year

YAY! It is official; the semester is OVER for me! Robert has two more classes to go. On Friday, we tripled with two other couples and went to the ASU Institute Winter Ball. It was a blast! We had the couples, Kristi & Paul and Rusty & Fabriza, over for dinner. I whipped out some herbed chicken and alfredo pasta; I have mad cooking skills now that I am married... ha ha... After dinner, we headed off for the dance. It was fun being able to see a lot of friends in a great setting. We stayed at the dance for nearly two hours before returning to our apartment for ice cream. All in all, it was a great night.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Enjoy watching these elves... I enjoyed making them!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

play date

So it has been a while since my last post! Robert and I went for a walk the other night and ended up at a little park. While we were there, we decided to make the most of our adventure and play! We enjoyed being silly on the playground.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

crazy gunman

Well, life has been pretty uneventful for the last... forever. The only thing out of the ordinary occured last night. Robert has night classes on Wednesday and last night I decided to join him when he went to MCC. We had been studying in the library for a while when I received a call from his brother telling me he had something for me. I left to meet up with Robert's brother across the street, leaving Robert in the library to finish up his work. As I was crossing the street, I noticed one of those police helicopters but thought nothing of it. When I got into the building across the street, I received a call from Robert telling me that there was a security issue at MCC and that he would not be allowed to leave. Nearly an hour later when Robert was allowed to finally leave, we discovered that MCC campus was in lock down due to some crazy man walking around campus with a gun. They never caught him either. And just to think, I had been walking across the campus ALONE minutes prior to the lock down!

Monday, August 20, 2007

grand canyon

We had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon this past Saturday. It was Robert's first time seeing the Grand Canyon; it was my fourth. When we first arrived at the Canyon, we walked a mile or so along the rim, taking in the sights. We jumped on the shuttle, which took us to the western-most point of the park (Hermit's Rest). After a quick snack, we got back on the shuttle and returned to our car. By this point, it was noon and we had already spent several hours admiring the Canyon. Since we wanted to get home before dark AND beat the incoming storm, we left; we took the 64 East so we could make a stop at the eastern-most point of the park (Desert View). Along the way, we made a few detours to check out the view (in the drizzle). Desert View was amazing! A watchtower was built in the 1920's/1930's out of Canyon stone. The interior of the tower is adorned in Native American art, furniture, & decor. From the top of the watchtower, a large portion of the Colorado River can be seen at the bottom of the Canyon. We didn't stay long, but enjoyed it while we were there. The remainder of the way home, Robert & I took in the awe and beauty of Arizona. This is a gorgeous state!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

summer's end

The summer is offically over for me. It makes me sad; I will miss my girls. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to be a dance instructor at Camp Sombrero, a Girl Scouts camp. For the most part, it was a blast! Sometimes the girls asked too many questions or were a bit too whiney, but in the end they were awesome. We got to do a lot of fun things throughout the summer and when there wasn't a trip on our agenda, we passed the time by being silly. Although the pay wasn't the best-to say the least- the job in itself was great!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

the beginning...

Robert & I (well... more like I) decided to start a blog. This way, you can see what we are up to (oh, there will be pictures!) and read any recent news about us... or read whatever I feel like writing. This is also a plus for me because now I can let everyone in on what's up without writing a bajillion million e-mails... Plus, Robert & I don't have internet, so on the few moments where internet becomes available, I can make any necessary updates. So! Read the blog! Click on the words that are a different color (they are links to our pictures)! I hope you enjoy! [I will be having fun with this :) ]