Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last week, my most bestest friend Jodi came to AZ for a visit with her little family (hubby Matt and baby Adam). It was the most time that I had spent with Jodi in quite a while; the three of them stayed with us for five days. Adam and Lucas, who are just over a month apart, finally met each other (Jodi's Christmas visit was NOT successful due to Adam being in the hospital with RSV the entire visit). Even though our house was cramped, we enjoyed their visit.
Yup. Not caring that Joel's eyes are closed 'cause at least he is smiling!
Adam and Lucas playing on the activity table together when they first arrived.
So... this is how we found the boys on two of the nights... medical documents on Joel's bed and legos in Lucas's bed... hmm.
Just look at the difference in their calves... and heads. I have HUGE babies.
LOVE these photos of me & Lucas and Matt & Adam
rub-a--dub-dub. Three boys in a tub....
The culprits to a very wet mess: Joel, Lucas, and Adam
So... this is the only picture we took together and we both look less than lovely, but I'll take it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

over due

I know. I am neglecting my blog. And the longer I wait to post, the more photos I accumulate. Things have just been CRAZY lately (another post all in itself). Let's jump back in time, shall we? Two weeks ago, I made yet ANOTHER zoo trip. This time, we brought along my friend Kristi and her little doll, Brightlie. Most of our time was split between the petting zoo and the splash pad. SO fun, but soooooooo hot.
Yes. I am aware that Kristi and I are wearing short shorts. We spent most of our time in the water. Stop judging me.
Ps. Joel tried head-butting the goats, all of his own accord.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This post is nearly two weeks late, but OH WELL! On June 2nd, Robert and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary (and by celebrated, I mean did absolutely nothing special). My parents gave us gift cards to Outback, Sprouts, and Old Navy. Two nights later, I decided that I didn't feel like cooking dinner so we had a spur-of-the-moment date (with the boys). Outback was delicious, as always. Joel is such an entertainer when we go out, whether it be his funny faces or unexpected actions...
My mom taught him to dip french fries in catsup. And note pinkie finger in bottom right photo...
You would think Lucas would stop eating lemon given the top left photo... but he clean the rind...

I can act like a kid, too, right?!

Friday, June 4, 2010


So. Years ago. Before I was a mom. Before I was a college grad. Before I was a wife. Way back. When I was a little girl... Okay, so maybe four years ago (and a little further back) I worked at an AWESOME place. ASC. What does that stand for? Arizona Science Center. Three years. Loved it. Hated it. Worked some. Played some. Camilla, a friend/coworker that I made the very first day at the ASC, had her last day today. She will be moving to Utah. I decided to take the boys to visit her one last time before she heads out. Despite having WORKED there for a while (and resenting it at times), I still found it to be awesome. Joel enjoyed it too; he could push any button he wanted. The best part, I did it all for $1 (yeah, I still have connections. and they saved me nearly $30).
And now, some old school photos...
That's me and Camilla. We were instant chums. Those goofy pics... well, I was goofy. I got to play with cool stuff like fire, liquid nitrogen, and electricity (my guy friends thought I was pretty much awesome). And finally, that is Matt. My ASC crush. Who married my best friend (and I couldn't be happier for them). Weirdest part? I miss putting on my blue shirt and khakis; doing demos; and dancing in the lobby.
I will miss you, Camiffilla!