Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yup. I'm still here. Just been preoccupied with my boys and my crafts. Sorry. Here, I'll share a bunch of photos with you to make up for my absence.
Joel played in one of these for the first time and LOVED IT. Mom, we need one.

Gave Lucas a snap pea to teethe on and he LOVED IT. Solids soon!

Went to Outback with my parents. Delicious. Lucas could barely see over the table. Joel made this face when we received the bill. Classic.

This big guy is 6 months old. Crazy. 6 month check-up will be next week, when Joel goes in for his 18 month check-up. Compare Lucas' photos to Joel's from last year.
I think they look totally different, but I am just their mom. What do I know?

Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Paddy

We had the BEST weekend. Ever. We hosted a St. Paddy's Day shindig and it. was. AWESOME! We had 14 of our closest and oldest (mostly MY closest and oldest) friends over. I turned my house into an"Irish pub". We listened to Irish pub music. We ate corned beef and cabbage with soda bread. We drank root beer and creme soda. We topped it off with tea cake and potato candy. Seriously. It was fun. Not at all overwhelming for me (like most of my parties turn out to be).
The grub.
Loving the [fake] candle-lit mini table for two.
Thanks, friends, for making it such a memorable night. And, yes, I will send ALL of you pictures (give me a couple of days).


I LOVE my boys. Who wouldn't? Lucas is such a happy baby. Joel is such a big helper. Would you like an example? Here: Joel loves to get into "his" drawer and pull out all of "his" spoons and teethers. All day. Every day. He didn't want Lucas to miss out on the fun.
Joel helps his brother to be happy. With a fork.
Joel is SERIOUSLY in his own world. Not in a bad way. Not in a way to be worried about. Just in a way that provides entertainment.
His own little world. Wherever that may be...
Robert and I have been doing well. Same old, same old. I am at home with the boys. Crafting. Pumping (ugh). Being a mom. Not necessarily in that order. Robert is going to school. Working. Being a dad. One day we will do something fun as a family. One day...
Oh. I got a new camera. I thought the other one was going to pull through, but it died. My new camera is a Panasonic Lumix. And. I. LOVE. it. Holy wow. Look at this photo: