Sunday, November 29, 2009


Rub a dub dub, fat baby in a "tub"...
Lucas strategically placed his foot there. Modest kid.
I helped decorate my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I love fall.
Pumpkins, gourds, and nuts; oh my!
The day AFTER Thanksgiving was a busy one for us. No, we weren't crazy enough to participate in Black Friday. We had Lucas' baby blessing (basically JUST family since it was held in a home and NOT in a church) AND Joel's 1st birthday celebration (a little late, due to Lucas' birth). That morning I baked and frosted 4 dozen cupcakes. Robert's two youngest sisters, Amy and Beth, helped me turn them into mini Cookie Monsters. It was freakin' cute (click on any photo to make it larger)!
Why wasn't he in a cute blessing outfit?! Cause he didn't have to be!
The YUMMY food!
Cookie Monster Clothing!
Joel's first cupcake... what a MESS!
As if the kid didn't have enough toys...
THRABIES (three + babies = THRABIES)! Yes, they're triplets.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

road trip

So, this post would have come sooner, but picasa (my online photo program) was being dumb. On Friday of last week, we went to Thatcher for my friend Gina's wedding reception (she was sealed in the temple a week prior). What a trip!? Both boys did amazingly well for the 3 and 1/2 hour drive. Little crying. Lot of sleeping. It felt so good to be on the road across the open land. Made me relaxed and happy. I don't remember much from the reception; just that it was so cold outside that I spent a majority of the time indoors, chatting it up with Gina's mother-in-law. Awesome woman. After the reception, we headed over to Gina's sister's house to stay the night (thank you a billion times, Amber). Gina's whole family eventually made it over there, where wedding gifts we opened. As it got later into the night, some of us became more silly (mainly just me). I ended up putting on 3 ruffle-slips (2 of which Gina used for the reception). I looked like Magi Lune from FernGully. Amber's hubby made us breakfast in the morning. Delish. After breakfast, we made the long trek back home. Fun trip.
The ride
The cake
The reception
The "after party"
The ruffles
Going Home