Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not much new. Just... you know. Living. And stuff. Since Daniel is getting bored with doing nothing, we pulled out the exersaucer. Not sure what to think of it yet. But you can bet Joel and Lucas are totally into it. We also pulled out the infant toys. Daniel doesn't care too much. Joel and Lucas... fighting over who gets to play with what. Typical. "Preschool" is flying by. Which is good for me. Because I am exhausted with putting our little lessons and activities together. But I thought I would share two of the things I have recently made for "preschool". Sometimes I get more excited about things I make for my children than they do. Go figure.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So. Last post. Told you I was addicted to Pinterest. Which I am. Love it. Check it a dozen times daily. Good CAN come from it. Take "preschool". I have been working on daily alphabet activities with the boys for the last 8 weeks straight. 16 letters down, 10 to go (each letter gets 2 days). I PLAN on posting about everything we have covered. Just not motivated enough to delve into that right now. BUT. I will post about the Pinterest challenge I took part in. My friend's cousin decided that a Pinterest challenge was needed for those who waste away their day with pinning, not doing. So, in honor of the doing, I share with you some of the things I have done.
This morning I painted my nails. Toe nails, mind you. I do not do finger nail polish. Saw a bunch of fun ideas floating around on Pinterest but chose this one. Glitter tips. You can bet the hubby LOVED the combo of loose glitter and nail polish. Needless to say, our bathroom floor looks like the aftermath of a pixie accident.

At the very beginning of the week, I revamped some shoes. An idea that is EVERYWHERE on Pinterest. Took some old black strappy shoes with rhinestone buckles and turned them into something I would wear. Cut off the ankle straps, removed the buckles, and added a simple leather flower. And have received a BUNCH of compliments on them.

For the boys, I have used Pinterest regularly for "preschool". One of our letters this week was "O". Found a craft site that taught us how to turn toilet paper rolls into octopi. Found another pin for the most ridiculously adorable lunch idea - owl sandwich. The boys loved eating baby owls. Maybe we should make lunch fun more often...

I could do wonders with Pinterest. But trying to do much outside of our normal "preschool" pins is just an exhausting thought. For now, I will pin. And pretend that every idea that I pin will happen...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

tres meses

Daniel is 3 months old today. More and more smiles. More and more babbles. Even a laugh or two. He LOVES to watch his brothers. Smiles at Lucas regularly in the bath. And the boys love him (though I literally JUST had to yell at Lucas to get the pillow off Daniel's head). Help put his binky in. Help burp him. Even make sure to give kisses EVERY night. Have no clue how much he weighs. Probably around 15 lbs. Which is small in our family...

Sunday, August 21, 2011


HI! I am still here, despite my lack of posts. Main culprit? Pinterest. Addicted. But using it for the good: I have been doing "preschool" with my boys for the last seven weeks. Half way through the alphabet. And I INTEND to blog about it. Just not yet. I am learning why people say the third child is the hardest. I still believe one was the most difficult [for me], but having three means NO TIME. So many things I want to get done in the day, but half of them never happen. I am grateful I have been doing "preschool" daily! But that means projects are put on the back burner. The biggest thing I have been working on is POTTY TRAINING. I was terrified to start. Didn't want to think about all the work that would go into it. Didn't want to deal with accidents and messes. But I did it. Just took off Joel's diaper [and pants] Monday morning and told him no more (out side of nap and bedtime). AND HE HAS DONE WONDERFUL. Only two accidents in the last week. Both were when he was away from home with shorts on (he spends his days naked - from the waist down - while at home to help prevent accidents). It seriously has been easy peasy. I don't have to tell him to go sit on the potty every 30 minutes. He just goes when he needs to. Soon (hopefully) he will be wearing his ridiculously cute underwear. Eek! Lucas has been, well... exhausting. Screaming fits at night still. Gets distraught when Joel falls asleep before he does. Goes out into the upstairs hall and cries at the railing. Tonight we found him passed out on the floor outside his room. Poor guy. Daniel is coming around. Not as unhappy as he spent his first couple months of life. Smiling a lot more. "Talking" a lot more. Even laughing a little. We know he is REALLY happy when both of his dimples are showing. Robert and I... meh. Nothing new. Our life basically revolves around our children. We spend our nights talking about our little ones and the pathetic monsoon season. The latter of which is SO depressing this year. Like 3 or 4 good storms in the last 2 months. Luckily, I always have my camera at the ready. So when a rare storm DOES blow in, I get some awesome shots. Oh my boring, boring life. Ha!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Going to post. Nay, rant. Going to rant. I LOVE my children. Dearly. I really do. But some days... Some days parenting is not my favorite thing in the world. Everyone in our family has adjusted well to baby Daniel. First two months were much better than I had anticipated. Especially since everyone says the third child is the hardest. For me, the hardest still remains the first child. Anyway. Two or so weeks ago, Joel started having issues when going to bed. Started by crying for water. The first night he only calmed down when we gave in. Which we only did because we were flabbergasted by this unnatural behavior. The second night, we made sure he got a nice big drink before going upstairs to bed. Again, crying for water. Several nights of screaming and crying. Then Lucas picked up where Joel left off. All of a sudden, we cannot close the door or turn off the hall light because Lucas began SCREAMING and pounding on the bedroom door nightly. Bloody murder. Once we finally calmed Lucas down on the screaming front, Joel picked back up again with the water thing. Or ice. Or singing another song. So on and so on. And, by request, we have received all sorts of advice on how to handle the situation. My personal tactic, let them scream it out. If they have a clean diaper, a full belly and good health, they can learn to get over it. Unfortunately, this meant Joel screamed for two solid hours the other night. Seriously. Really frustrated over the fact that my normally amazing sleepers have been so terrible at bedtime. Not to mention embarrassed for the neighbors' sake. UGH. -End rant-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Monday, August 1, 2011

Not blogging... it is kind of nice. I will blog again when something out of the ordinary happens. Until then, bye!