Friday, May 29, 2009


True story: While grocery shopping the other evening, the following conversation ensued.

Leigh: I really want to make an awesome dessert. Like a pie or something.
Robert: (Silence)
Leigh: What kind of pie should I make? Apple? Cherry? (Two of my personal favorites)
Leigh: (Silence)

Ps. I, Leigh, hate bananas. I hate banana bread, I hate banana popsicles, I hate banana taffy; I hate banana anything.
And the following is what I spent the morning making:

Banana cream pie. Imagine that.

On top of making banana cream pie as a surprise for Robert, I found myself motivated enough to make a surprise picnic dinner. The dock at Tempe Town Lake. Perfect.

Like I said, perfect...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green
Do you swim in a pool, to keep yourself cool,
or swing in a tree up high? Is that what you do? So do I (every day)!
(PS, yes I give our child a fohawk. It is the only
thing I can do with his invisible hair)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So the last two weeks have been consumed with baby shower preparations (actually, my mind has been focused on nothing else for the past six months). The day has come and gone. My hard work has definitely paid off; everyone who attended thought the shower was a hit. My bestest best best friend, Jodi, flew in from Texas on Thursday evening. Friday was spent baking the last of the goodies. Saturday was the BIG day. Presents were opened, games were played, food was eaten. Merriment at its finest! Jodi is back home in Texas, and I feel that I am now without purpose (with the exception of raising my child). It is strange to think that the next time I will see her, she will have a brand new baby boy. Good luck in August, my best friend!
The hand-made invitation and the scrumptious food
Yes, all these adorably delicious goodies are edible!
The sweet treats! (I over-do it sometimes but she is worth it!)
I made Jodi cute burp cloths with a
nursing cover and baby sling to match!
Leigh - 20.5 weeks Jodi - 26.5 weeks

Monday, May 11, 2009

home run weekend

First and foremost, my husband is adorable (thanks for the last post, Babes)!
My Mother's Day started on Friday when Robert brought home some beautiful lilies. He TOTALLY caught me off guard; he was bringing home pepperoni for our pizza and told me to go make sure the pepperoni would be okay. I went into the kitchen and found the lilies waiting for me on the counter. Robert has a few surprises up his sleeve every now and then!

Saturday morning was his family's Mother's Day breakfast. It was quite enjoyable! After the breakfast and a few errands, Baby and I went swimming at my parents' house. Despite the extreme heat we've been having, the pool was slightly chilly! At home, Robert told me he accidentally left his phone in the car and asked if I would run and get it for him. When I got to the car, it took me a second to realize that the phone WASN'T in the car, but my Mother's Day gift WAS. He bought me an AWESOME 2 in 1 paper cutter for all my crafts and such.

Saturday afternoon, the three of us went to a BBQ with Robert's old coworkers, followed by the Diamondbacks game. To save on gas and frustration, our group took the light rail to the game. I have to say, my potential jury duty came in handy; both Robert and I were able to ride the light rail for free because of our jury duty transportation passes! It was Joel's first time to a ball game. Every time the crowd cheered, he thought it was for him! He made it all the way until the 8th inning before passing out. Despite what the title states, the D-backs DID NOT hit a home run. In fact, they threw several runs away. Though the game left us sad, we enjoyed ourselves!

Sunday morning, Robert made me breakfast-in-bed. He brought up the laptop and showed me his post on the blog.
My Mother's Day weekend was perfect. I hope that all you mothers (and mothers-to-be) thoroughly enjoyed YOUR Mother's Day as well!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello everyone. This is actually Robert writing. I always have a hard time trying to decide what to do for holidays, especially with cards. Having grown up in a family that enjoys humor, I have always gone with the humorous cards. Since having been married to Leigh, I have seen the time and effort that she puts into making cards. Since I am not creative, I decided that I will write her a card through the blog.

For those of you that do not know, Leigh is one of the most amazing mothers that I know. She does so much to take care of our baby. It is even harder with me being in school, but she manages quite well. For those of you that have not seen how she is with our baby, it is amazing.

Leigh is such a loving person. I have never been one to show emotions very well, but she has been able to help me by showing me openly that love that she has for me. I am grateful for this because our children will hopefully be able to see this and know that their parents truly love each other.

Leigh is also a very intelligent person. She worked hard to make it through college (the last half of a semester with a baby!) and managed to graduate with the highest honors available. She always tries to strive for perfection. While it might be a difficult task at times, she does not want anything less.

I could go on longer, but it is late. Leigh, I love you so much! Happy Mother's Day, Babes!

Monday, May 4, 2009

what's it going to be?

Well, the day has arrived. At 3pm this afternoon, Robert and I found out what Baby #2 will be. Baby #2 has nearly an identical profile as Joel had; my children will look alike (which I am happy about, because Joel is freakin' cute)! Baby #2 has 10 fingers (the toes were hidden), a healthy heart, brain, and stomach. Baby #2 moves around just as much as Joel did; punches were thrown in retaliation to the tummy transductor. Want to know what Baby #2 is?

click HERE
(The color of the onesie on the teddy represents Baby #2)