Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday what

Look! It is Wednesday and I'm posting.
You should be proud.
We finally managed a picture of our family of six. With four under the age of four, it couldn't be better.
Seriously. Joel looks like a lunatic in the 56 other shots.
I have cute kids.

So. As of late.
My cousin had a baby three weeks ago.
My sister in law had a baby one week ago.
Yay babies!
Installed AMAZING cordless blackout blinds. Love, love, love them.
Baked some delicious orange creamsicle cookies for my dear neighbor's birthday.
Swam with all my babies. Well, I had Natalie. My mom and husband had the boys.
Cooked dinner for the first time in years. Not kidding. It has been about two years. Pathetic, I know.
Freaked out over shortcake. Long story. But near mental breakdown because of my dad's favorite dessert.
Celebrated triplets turning three at a pirate party. Evaded a water ballon fight.
Celebrated an amazing friends upcoming arrival of her baby boy. Cannot wait to see him.
Yeah. Nothing HUGE personally. But life is life. Just keeps moving along.
And since I am a silly OCD girl, I thought I would leave you with a set of comparison photos.
My cousin and I. At 7.5 months pregnant. And with our 2.5 and 4.5 week old babies.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Remember that one time I forgot to do a "wednesday what"? Oops. Something about having four little ones to keep track of makes me forget things here and there... Here are two cute pics of sister to help you forgive me... I WILL remember next week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wednesday what

This poor dude. Still doesn't get it. Soon he will not remember any different.
Not there yet.
Got to admit, he is the one that currently makes me smile the most.
Joel and Lucas are fun. But they talk back.
Natalie is precious. But she is basically a blob with a head.
Daniel smiles just because you look at him. Laughs because you laugh.
He will always be my baby boy. My Bubs.

So what of us as of late?
Well. Last week got worse before getting better.
Broken AC and indoor temp of 86.
Joel breaking out with a body-covering rash.
Me eating trace amounts of gluten and being wiped out for a day.
Yeah... That was just Thursday. Since then:
Photographing my cousins new baby.
First time back to church since Natalie arrived.
Discovering Natalie has a slight umbilical hernia.
Having my couch painted with finger nail polish by two naughty boys.
No sleep. Lots of sleep.
Movies. Trampoline. Klondike bars. And Dr. Pepper.
I have a feeling life will never be dull.

Btw. Contemplating making a blog change. Like ditching this blog for a new one.
Don't worry. Still plan to update about us. Just want to appeal to more.
(basically, I want to be a ridiculously awesome blogger)

Monday, June 11, 2012


Sweet Natalie. My little peach. The preview from her newborn photo session is up on the Green Apple Images blog. I am so in love. With Natalie. With the pictures. With all of Jen's work. Click HERE to go see the pictures. Leave a comment on the Green Apple Images blog letting Jen know how talented she is. Personally, I think Jen is absolutely amazing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wednesday what

Totally forgot it was Wednesday. Oops.
It has been... a day. Not bad. Not good. Let's go with long.
Doc appointment in the am for Natalie. 7lbs 12oz. She's growing.
Ruined the cute carseat canopy on the infant carrier. Brushed up against a tire.
Cried. May have gotten post-pregnancy hormonal hysterical.
Googled a solution after my meltdown. Saved the carseat canopy.
Learned that a tip I found on pinterest really works, so win/win.
Oldest child sort of threw up. Not enough to make me think he is super sick.
But enough to make me stress about the remainder of my day.
Realized too late that I forgot to change my shipping address with my print lab.
No package. Delivery confirmation. No refund. More tears.
Reordered. Got a call much later from FedEx. They caught the mess up.
My package will be delivered tomorrow. Just need to cancel the reorder.
Went with my mom (& 3 youngest) to visit a return missionary couple. Great time visiting.
Two youngest boys ate way too much cake at the homecoming.
Came home and put the boys to bed on my own. Long process.
Hubby is playing with brothers/dad at ball game. Fun for him. Lonely for me.
JUST realized the thermostat screen is blank. Which means the AC is most likely dead.
Dreading what a dead AC will mean tomorrow.
But now I get to just sit and relax. Cuddle my baby girl. Eat ice cream.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Five years ago, I put on a pretty white dress. And went into a gorgeous building. And married the most magnificent man I know. In the past five years, he and I have supported one another in finishing our Bachelors degrees. And in holding various jobs. And in removing all debt (minus the house). In the past five years, he and I have welcomed four beautiful children into the world. Not every moment has been perfect. But every moment has been real. And has brought us one moment closer to where we want to be.