Tuesday, October 20, 2009


As a new mom to two, I am learning how to divide my time between each boy and myself. I have learned that I CAN accomplish things, despite the demands of the new addition. I have had time to make a couple of crafts in the past few days; I made a little comfort blankie for Lucas (thanks for the idea Julie) AND I made fabric pumpkins for Halloween.
I put ties on the blankie to keep it from falling off the carrier or stroller.

SOOOOOO simple.

I have learned that I am capable of taking both boys on mile long walks by myself; one in the stroller, one in the sling. I have also learned that cooking and cleaning without Robert's help are NOT as difficult as I had imagined.
Joel has taught me a few things, too. Through him I have learned that pillows and throws don't belong on the couch (where I like them); they belong on the floor. Through him I have learned that food does not belong in the mouth; every other imaginable object does. Through him I have also learned that his favorite toy is the last remaining toy in the toy bin; every other toy remains scattered about my house. One year olds are... fun.
Lucas has taught me a few things, too (more like reminded me things Joel taught me at his age). Through him I have learned that it is time to sleep when I want him to eat; in return, it is time to eat when I want him to sleep. Through him I have also learned that babies poop one more time than the number of diapers you have with you. Newborns are... also fun.
I love how it sorta looks like he is smiling on the right.

And, just for comparison:
JOEL on the LEFT; LUCAS on the RIGHT (Lucas has no chin)

Friday, October 16, 2009


So... we are pretty much famous now. Seriously. Today was the Arizona Midday First Birthday celebration; we had fun at live show at the NBC studio in downtown Phoenix. There were activities, toys, snacks, clowns, and ice cream cake! Joel was EXTREMELY shy at first (like clinging-to-me-for-dear-life shy) but warmed up to people by the time filming began. I'm pretty sure his favorite part was eating ice cream cake. And he managed NOT to get it everywhere... just a little on his face.
Destry, Leigh, and Joel (No, my child's head is not larger than mine... just a weird angle)

Today has been busy; Robert and I not only attended the Arizona Midday celebration, we also cleaned our home (no time on Friday, my normal cleaning day) AND cooked an awesome dinner. Omelets. Delish. First time I've made an omelet ever (sad that it hasn't happened sooner in my nearly 24 years of life). My first attempt... not so nice. My second attempt turned out much prettier:
Bacon, ham, cheese, and sour cream omelet. Yum.

And, since I know you only look at this to see pictures of my babies, here is a recent one of Lucas. Gotta love the cheeks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


All members of this little Root family are doing well. Everyone is adjusting well to the new "wee one". While going through the photos of Lucas's birth, I thought it would be fun to do a photo comparison of his birth to Joel's birth. Joel's pictures will be on the LEFT, Lucas's pictures will be on the RIGHT.

Last picture before baby came (I look drugged in the picture on the right...)

Holding baby for the first time (Didn't get to hold Joel until 30-40 min. after birth...)

Daddy holding baby for the first time (My dad held Lucas before Robert!)

My dad holding baby for the first time (My mom was out-of-state for Lucas's birth...)

Baby's first bath (Yeah, Joel looks like a 2 mo. old...)

Mommy holding baby on day 2 (I look 16 yrs. old in the picture on the left...)

Daddy holding baby (One of those "awww" pictures)

My friend, Gina "Banina" holding baby for the first time (Joel doesn't fit in her arms!)

Baby in car seat, heading for home (Okay, this picture makes Joel look GIANT)

Just a day shy of 2 weeks old (They kinda look alike here... Joel was more alert)

It is fun to compare my boys, both through photo AND through observation. So far, they are fairly different. The most obvious difference: weight. Joel was 9lbs 3oz at birth; Lucas was "only" 7lbs 13oz (still considered on the larger size of average). It seems that whatever facial features one boy has, the other boy has the opposite (you can think they look alike all you want, but I am their mother so I think I would know best... just sayin'). Joel was a relatively demanding baby; he had to be held ALL THE TIME. Lucas is a relatively relaxed baby; he will chill in his car seat on our dinig room table for hours at a time (the safest location AWAY from Joel). The one thing they have in common is sleeping through the night. Until Joel was 6 weeks old, he would only wake once during the night (once he hit 6 weeks, he slept through the ENTIRE night). Lucas only wakes once during the night (in fact, we woke him after 6 hours last night). I love my boys (and they are learning to love each other)!
One of Joel's "kisses" (Lucas actually came out pink and wrinkled, like a baby should!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi. My name is Joel. I am a year old. I like getting into EVERYTHING. Remotes. Phones. Cupboards. Drawers. Purses. Glasses (both types). EVERYTHING. I have a few favorite toys: my dinosaurs, dump truck, boom-box truck (Mommy hates this one), and my new helicopter. Wheels also fascinate me. Wheels on toys, wheels on strollers, wheels on wheelchairs... you name it. I am mischievous and like to put everything into my mouth. String. Paper. Bugs (dead or alive). I "talk" a lot, but you can't understand me. I can say "mama", "dada", "uh oh", "no", "wow", and "gi-gi" (I have said some other words, but not consistently). I like to shake my head "no", especially when you ask me a question (such as: "Can you share?") or when you nod your head "yes". I like to walk around; I spend more time walking than playing with toys. I have made up a new move in honor of Michael Jackson: the moon crawl. I am slightly OCD; I HAVE to touch the little "inspector seal" circle on baby food jars (I can get violent when doing this). I give kisses, but only to my dad, mom, and baby brother. My kisses are more like licks. I am BIG (not fat. Mommy hates when people call me fat). I weigh just over 26lbs and am 32in tall. I wear size 4 diapers (and have since I was about 4 months old) and I wear size 2T clothes. I love food. All food. Except for peas. Most people say I look like Mommy, but I have a lot of Dada's features too. I am a happy go lucky guy!
Hi. My name is Lucas. I am a week old. I am pretty laid back and easy going. For the most part, I just sit back and take everything in. I like to sleep. In fact, I have been sleeping well through the night since day one (I only wake my parents up once in the night to be changed and fed). I even smile in my sleep now. I am small (especially when you compare me to my brother). I weigh just under 8lbs and am 20in long. I wear size Newborn diapers (with the tabs as tight as they can go) and I wear size Newborn clothes (though I do fit in some preemie outfits). I love food. I am a pro at nursing (though it helps that my Mommy knows what she is doing). Most people say I look like my big brother, but we'll have to wait and see. I am an easy peasy baby!

birthday boy!

Today is Joel's first birthday! It is crazy to think that he is a year old. Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital a few days ago? Oh wait, that was Lucas... Since we are still recovering from the birth of the new little one, we aren't doing anything big to celebrate Joel's birthday (he doesn't know the difference). He was able to open a gift this morning from "Aunt" Jodi. He loved the helicopter immediately! He is also famous; his picture was shown on Channel 12's Arizona Midday. Speaking of Arizona Midday, we were entered in an On-Air Birthday Celebration for the show and WON! We (Robert, Leigh, & Joel) will be on tv on Friday, Oct. 16th to celebrate Joel's first birthday (with a couple other first-birthday babies). Yay! We are doubling up Lucas's baby blessing and Joel's first birthday in November. He will get a chance to celebrate, but not for a few weeks. Oh, and there WILL be a theme. And it WILL be freakin' cute. Can't wait!
Playing with his new toy! Thanks "Aunt" Jodi!
My kid is adorable and you know it (thanks for the amazing pic, Emily)!