Saturday, September 1, 2012

hello again

I am back. So grateful for those five weeks to myself. Feeling a bit more balanced. A bit more organized. So without any further adieu, here is the new blog:

and, as of this post, THIS blog will no longer be added to. Keeping it alive for the sake of previous posts. But no more new posts. Enjoy the new blog!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

confessions of an almost broken woman

Change of plans. I need five weeks. Five weeks where I don't blog or think of time constraints (that don't even really exist). I am struggling with who I am and what I am suppose to be. Sorry to disappoint, but I feel I need to focus on myself right now. I am trying too hard to please everyone around me (and failing miserably, as I am learning). So give me a few weeks (two of which will be spent watching the Olympics, no doubt) and I will return to my blog. The new one. That I feel horrible about postponing. But my kids need me. And my husband needs me. Which means I need to find me. Thanks, friends.
And just so you know, I am not depressed. Because I have been there and know that feeling. I just feel stretched in too many directions. Like I am being drawn and quartered. While under water.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wednesday what

Look who's 2 months! Love this sweet girl.

Not much new. Hit my plateau with basic dieting, so trying something a little more intensive.
I will write about it in a week.
On the new blog.
Been designing like crazy this last week. And collecting a bajillion sources.
One week, people.
I started a project on the house without talking it over with Robert first.
But we all know it is going to be awesome. So no worries.
Taking step by step progression photos and will make a video for the reveal.
Also next week.
So yeah. Next week things will pick up a bit.
Diet review.
Project reveal.
Baby blessing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wednesday what

Here is sis. 8 weeks old. 11 lbs. 3 mo clothing.
Growing like a weed.
Love her. The boys love her. Robert loves her, too.
She is a peach. But she will let you know when she is mad in a heartbeat.

Not much new.
Working like crazy to get things set up for the new blog.
It will be up and running on August 1st. So two weeks!
I am excited.
Other than that, nothing special or out of the ordinary.
Just trying to survive the wretched heat of the Arizona summer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wednesday what

I almost forgot.
I've been doing that a lot lately.
So sorry.
I mean it's not like I have my hands full...

I seriously don't even know what has happened in the last week.
I have been on my diet for 10 days.
And have dropped 4 lbs.
Hopefully, in the morning, that scale will tell me it's 5 lbs down.
It has been hard at times. I miss my Heath Klondike bars. But grapes are good.
The major shocker for me is how much a portion size really is.
It is painful to see how many calories are in one cup of anything.
And then to realize just how small one cup is.
It has been hard to exercise every day. Mainly because I have zero energy from four kids.
But I do. Every day so far. And I love to feel the burn. Means my body is changing.
I bought a new exercise outfit. And a new scale.
And the newness of both has kept me going.

Today Joel and Lucas had their first swim lesson.
We have a friend that teaches kids to swim at the Y.
Point blank, they suck. Seriously.
It was entertaining at first. Then painful. Then frightening.
I got so caught up in how they were doing with the lesson that Daniel nearly drowned.
Momentarily forgot he can't stand alone well enough on the lagoon step.
But I remembered as I saw his head sink below the water... Oops.
No worries, he was totally fine. Don't think he even cried.

Natalie? Oh Natalie.
Her eyes are blue. Makes me happier than a clam.
Now I have 50/50 with eye color amongst my kids. Soothes my OCD brain.
She is basically in 3 month clothing at 7 weeks. Weighs 10.5 lbs. Small for my babies.
Wonderful sleeper. Horrible eater.
In fact, the later is causing me much stress. For the last 3-4 weeks, she has struggled.
Eats for 5-8 minutes. Then stops. Doesn't fall asleep. Just stops.
And wants to resume again after a 10-15 minute break.
This stretches on for about 2 hours at a time before her next nap.
It is killing me. I do not have the time nor patience for it.
There are three others who need me.
I just don't know what to do.
I don't want to give up nursing since everything is going well for me.
But I don't want to feed on demand or I would be nursing all day.
I don't want to switch to formula since I CAN nurse.
But I don't want to get super frustrated every time I feed her.
Any input would be lovely.

My new blog design is coming along.
I have no clue when it will be up. Not going to say a particular date either.
I do not need undue pressure.
So sometime. In the nearish future.
Keep a look out.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

thursday wednesday what

I love when I get good pictures of my littles. I think this is a good picture.
Notice how Daniel looks like no one. Robert questions it.

Sorry about yesterday. I was sick. Still am.
This past week has been crazy.
Racquetball. Painting. Date night. Painting. Laundry. Pilates. Painting.
And, as always, four kids.
Monday was ridiculously productive. Got SO many things done.
Tuesday was absolutely unproductive. Got nothing done.
It was Tuesday night that I started to feel blah.
Come Wednesday, full on sore throat, post nasal drip, and groggy head.
Despite my yuckies, we went about Wednesday as planned. Mostly.
Ward pancake breakfast with both sets of parents. Loved it.
We got to see how silly Joel is once again.
He is one of THOSE kids when it comes to Primary performances.
Can't wait for the Primary Program... Not.
Once we got home, I basically curled up in a sad little ball of sickness.
We had planned to swim at my parents' house, but had to forgo that.
Rain. Oh, and I felt like crap.
Robert baked the cookies I was suppose to make.
Then we went to Robert's parents' house for hamburgers and hot dogs.
And that was it. No fireworks. Which I am okay with.

Oh. Btw. I started a new "diet". No more sugar or salt.
Not like full out. But no sweets like ice cream and such.
And no added salt to my food.
I am 8 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.
13 away from my wedding weight.
And 18 away from my goal weight.
So I am eating healthier. And rocking the dancer Pilates.
My body will thank me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

wednesday what

Yeah. No what today. I am sorta sick, so my wednesday what is going to roll over into a thursday thoughts. And my new blog will be launched SOON (secretly mad at myself for not making it happen July 1st - I like clean numbers and fresh starts).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday what

Look! It is Wednesday and I'm posting.
You should be proud.
We finally managed a picture of our family of six. With four under the age of four, it couldn't be better.
Seriously. Joel looks like a lunatic in the 56 other shots.
I have cute kids.

So. As of late.
My cousin had a baby three weeks ago.
My sister in law had a baby one week ago.
Yay babies!
Installed AMAZING cordless blackout blinds. Love, love, love them.
Baked some delicious orange creamsicle cookies for my dear neighbor's birthday.
Swam with all my babies. Well, I had Natalie. My mom and husband had the boys.
Cooked dinner for the first time in years. Not kidding. It has been about two years. Pathetic, I know.
Freaked out over shortcake. Long story. But near mental breakdown because of my dad's favorite dessert.
Celebrated triplets turning three at a pirate party. Evaded a water ballon fight.
Celebrated an amazing friends upcoming arrival of her baby boy. Cannot wait to see him.
Yeah. Nothing HUGE personally. But life is life. Just keeps moving along.
And since I am a silly OCD girl, I thought I would leave you with a set of comparison photos.
My cousin and I. At 7.5 months pregnant. And with our 2.5 and 4.5 week old babies.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Remember that one time I forgot to do a "wednesday what"? Oops. Something about having four little ones to keep track of makes me forget things here and there... Here are two cute pics of sister to help you forgive me... I WILL remember next week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wednesday what

This poor dude. Still doesn't get it. Soon he will not remember any different.
Not there yet.
Got to admit, he is the one that currently makes me smile the most.
Joel and Lucas are fun. But they talk back.
Natalie is precious. But she is basically a blob with a head.
Daniel smiles just because you look at him. Laughs because you laugh.
He will always be my baby boy. My Bubs.

So what of us as of late?
Well. Last week got worse before getting better.
Broken AC and indoor temp of 86.
Joel breaking out with a body-covering rash.
Me eating trace amounts of gluten and being wiped out for a day.
Yeah... That was just Thursday. Since then:
Photographing my cousins new baby.
First time back to church since Natalie arrived.
Discovering Natalie has a slight umbilical hernia.
Having my couch painted with finger nail polish by two naughty boys.
No sleep. Lots of sleep.
Movies. Trampoline. Klondike bars. And Dr. Pepper.
I have a feeling life will never be dull.

Btw. Contemplating making a blog change. Like ditching this blog for a new one.
Don't worry. Still plan to update about us. Just want to appeal to more.
(basically, I want to be a ridiculously awesome blogger)

Monday, June 11, 2012


Sweet Natalie. My little peach. The preview from her newborn photo session is up on the Green Apple Images blog. I am so in love. With Natalie. With the pictures. With all of Jen's work. Click HERE to go see the pictures. Leave a comment on the Green Apple Images blog letting Jen know how talented she is. Personally, I think Jen is absolutely amazing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wednesday what

Totally forgot it was Wednesday. Oops.
It has been... a day. Not bad. Not good. Let's go with long.
Doc appointment in the am for Natalie. 7lbs 12oz. She's growing.
Ruined the cute carseat canopy on the infant carrier. Brushed up against a tire.
Cried. May have gotten post-pregnancy hormonal hysterical.
Googled a solution after my meltdown. Saved the carseat canopy.
Learned that a tip I found on pinterest really works, so win/win.
Oldest child sort of threw up. Not enough to make me think he is super sick.
But enough to make me stress about the remainder of my day.
Realized too late that I forgot to change my shipping address with my print lab.
No package. Delivery confirmation. No refund. More tears.
Reordered. Got a call much later from FedEx. They caught the mess up.
My package will be delivered tomorrow. Just need to cancel the reorder.
Went with my mom (& 3 youngest) to visit a return missionary couple. Great time visiting.
Two youngest boys ate way too much cake at the homecoming.
Came home and put the boys to bed on my own. Long process.
Hubby is playing with brothers/dad at ball game. Fun for him. Lonely for me.
JUST realized the thermostat screen is blank. Which means the AC is most likely dead.
Dreading what a dead AC will mean tomorrow.
But now I get to just sit and relax. Cuddle my baby girl. Eat ice cream.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Five years ago, I put on a pretty white dress. And went into a gorgeous building. And married the most magnificent man I know. In the past five years, he and I have supported one another in finishing our Bachelors degrees. And in holding various jobs. And in removing all debt (minus the house). In the past five years, he and I have welcomed four beautiful children into the world. Not every moment has been perfect. But every moment has been real. And has brought us one moment closer to where we want to be.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wednesday what

This picture makes me smile.
I am having Jen do my newborn photos on Friday.
But I couldn't resist snapping a few shots while Robert and the boys were at church on Sunday.
Going to use this for her birth announcement.
So sweet.

I have a confession. One that may make you think I am absolutely crazy.
I love labor.
Labor and delivery is the climax to the 9 months of pregnancy.
You wait and wait and wait. And labor is what you are waiting for.
That moment where you finally meet the little one inside of you.
The one you have been imagining since the moment you found you were expecting.
I don't know why, but I enjoy the adrenalin rush of it all.
Maybe because my last three deliveries were amazing.
Three contractions and out. Two contractions and out. One push and out.
Regardless of why, I love it.
Which is why I get a little sad when I think that Natalie is most likely our last.
Every time I drive by Banner Gateway, my heart aches a little.
I think back on the times that Robert and I went into Labor & Delivery.
When we were in the final stages before meeting our newest little addition.
Being in labor.
Getting my epidural and receiving sweet relief from the contractions.
Resting and soaking up the moment.
Holding my precious newborn for the very first time.
Determining who they look most like.
I think my heart will always ache a little when I drive by Banner Gateway.
It's okay. My time is over.
Which also brings me excitement.
I have all these little babies. And now I get to focus on their growth.
I get to focus on teaching them.
I get to focus on nurturing them.
I get to focus on loving them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

baby girl

I'm sure some of you are waiting for THE post. The one containing every detail regarding Natalie's birth. Hate to tell you it isn't coming. Not in post form. Don't worry. I will share it. You just have to take the extra initiative to click. Why? I understand that not EVERY person cares to know. So if such talk as "cervix" and "membranes" offends or digusts you, don't click the photo below. Which, by the way, is a picture of my doc with all four of my children. Whom he delivered. Dr. Beck is an amazing man.
Click the pic for Natalie's birth story

So. Some of you may have been wondering how I am going to document Natalie's monthly growth. And some of you may have seen the picture on Facebook. But this is what I plan to do. And I am so excited. Because I will never outgrow my love for chalk.
Yes. I drew those flowers. They match her bedding. Or, rather, ALL the fabric associated with her...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

birthday boy

So. I lied. No bombardment of pictures. Turns out I didn't take a billion photos. Which is weird for me. It feels like, with four kids, I never get a moment. No time to juggle a camera with so many little ones. At least not yet.
Before Natalie arrived, Robert periodically asked what our plans were for Daniel's birthday. "Have a baby?" Once we had the baby, we both kind of forgot until the night before his birthday. Spur of the moment cupcakes with both sets of grandparents. Extremely simple and easy. Amazing, considering the fact that I thrive on adorable productions. Just a few toys and the perfect amount of socializing. I can't believe my [not] baby is one.

And, of course, we have the FINAL chalk photo. Had to bribe him. Amazingly enough, I got a smile out of him. Well, Robert got the smile. I just captured it.
All 12 months. So excited with how this turned out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wednesday what

Here she is. Little miss NATALIE VIOLA ROOT
May 22nd, 11:59am
7lbs 9oz, 20.5in long

Nearly no pain during labor (prior to epidural).
Came out with one half-hearted push.
Seriously easy peasy.
Me? Felt amazing after.
Until today. Soreness is kicking in.
But for having birthed four kids in under 4 years, I can't complain.
Going home in a few hours.
So a bombardment of pictures is surely soon to come.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A year ago (in three days from today) I welcomed my last little guy into the world. Pushed through two contractions. A total of 4 minutes. And he came. All 8lbs 5oz of him.

Today I welcomed my first (& probably last) little girl into the world. Pushed once. A total of 15 seconds. And she came. All 7lbs 9oz of her.
She is my smallest baby (by 4oz). And the one I feel I have been waiting the longest to meet. Brown hair and steel blue eyes, just like all her brothers. My little piece of heaven.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ha. No, I haven't had mine. But I bet that title got you wondering. Nope, today was a day to celebrate my sister-in-law in all her pregnant glory. She will be having a baby boy towards the end of June. Yay! So I cohosted her shower today. And took some pictures. And did NOT use my computer at all for uploading. I seriously cannot get over my happiness at not having to touch a computer. It wouldn't be such a big deal if our laptops weren't both half broken. Or if I had an Apple. Sigh. But before you judge my photos, let me just say that I totally forgot to adjust the white balance. So the coloring makes me cringe a little. Or maybe a lot. Hopefully I will remember to make the necessary adjustments when baby girl comes. Or I will just share a bunch of black and white photos. ANYWAY. The shower was adorable. Animal themed with blue, green, orange as the main colors. Everything turned out perfectly if I do say so myself. Ps. Those animal crackers? Yeah, I hand dipped 16 dozen. Not that I counted... Pps. I hate donkey animal crackers. They just give me a bad vibe. Don't ask...
Seriously. DON'T judge me by these photos. I just didn't want to edit with my computer...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wednesday what

I am over the moon with excitement. Several reasons.
First, and most basic: I can upload pictures with my iPad. Without having to deal with a computer.
It is life-changing, I swear.
So when baby girl comes, I can post pics 10 min later. Just kidding. 20 min later...
Second, and most important: my maternity photos are done!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sorry for that. Just excited.
I am SO SO SO happy I did this. Every woman should feel beautiful during pregnancy.
I think Jen did a phenomenal job of capturing that, don't you?
This was definitely worth the investment. Especially since baby girl is the last.
Jen is amazing. I cannot WAIT to see newborn pictures.
Below are just a few of my favorites. Click HERE for more.
And check out all of Jen's work at Green Apple Images.UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled
In case anyone is wondering:
Shirt: DownEast Basics
Pants: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
Necklace: Premiere Designs
Floral pin: Hobby Lobby

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is just a test. I think I've found an app that will allow me to upload photos from my iPad. Tell me if you can see the image below PLEASE. Thanks much.
You may also comment on how beautiful the picture is.
Photo by Green Apple Images

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the un-mother's day

I did not feel special today. Not that I was expecting to in any way. Mother's Day does not automatically equal warm fuzzy feelings. And my day was no exception. It started well enough. But when Daniel flat out REFUSED me, it started to get rough. He has been my little snuggle bug. The one that loves to cling to me. And he wanted nothing to do with me today. Flat out rejected me. Screamed and cried any time I held him. And it hurt. Because Joel and Lucas are far from wanting anything to do with me when Robert is around. Now all three push me away in preference of Robert. Several people have told me that I am silly for being hurt by this. For getting offended or taking it personally. But how can I not? I get it. They see him less, so they want him more. But that does not make it hurt any less when all I want is a hug or a moment with them and they act as if I am the most deplorable thing on the planet. So yeah. Happy Mother's Day to me.
Unfotunately, that was not all that made today rough (because honestly, rejection happens regularly with the older two). During church, I began having contractions 5 minutes apart. Then 4 minutes apart. Then 3 minutes apart. By the time we got home, they were 2 minutes apart. So my mom came to watch the boys while we went to the hospital. Got hooked up for monitoring. And they stopped. The monitors caught maybe ten minutes of contractions before they 100% completely died off. As I was being discharged I had one last, lone contraction float across the monitor. Didn't cry about being sent home. But I wanted to. I don't mind being pregnant. I really don't. I am just exhausted of false labor. And I have been having quite a bit with this pregnancy.
So I am over today. And hoping tomorrow is better.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I cannot type the word "fabulous" without thinking about it being said in a sing-song manner. Possibly by a guy in drag. Why my brain defaults to this, I have NO clue. But it is entertaining.
So yesterday. Yesterday was full of ups and downs. I had two projects that I wanted to work on. Two things that I wanted finished by the end of the night. And I couldn't work on either of them during the day because of insufficient materials. So frustrating. My dad came to the rescue on one. And when robert got home from work, I went out to grab a much needed item for the second. So BOTH projects were completed. Albeit around midnight. But they are DONE. And both turned out "FAB-U-LOUS"!
Let's start with the second project. Since I don't have pictures of it. I made leggings. They are so tiny and cute! I had cut the sleeves off a long sleeved shirt to make it more hot-weather friendly. Kept the excess fabric because I KNEW I could do something with it. So I went out, bought a double needle, and made the most adorable pair of purple striped baby leggings. And a matching headband, of course. Can I just say double needles are AMAZING?! I had never heard of one until yesterday. Seriously. I thought parallel stitches were made by making two separate stitches. And just being dang good at making equidistant straight lines. I was proud of myself. But I will GLADLY use a double needle over trying to make parallel stitches. Love it.
The first project. So happy about it. Because it means the toy room is one step closer to being complete. Rain gutter book shelves. Floating all over Pinterest. So I decided to make some. And it HAD to be done yesterday because I could not take one more day of Daniel ripping books from the book shelf and destroying them. The kid was driving me nuts. It was the first place he would go once in the toy room. Not any more! The books are up, off his level. And they look AWESOME. Once I got into the groove of assembling these shelves, it was super easy. But I like to take the hard way. Like using a screw to drill a hole instead of a drill bit. Thus creating large holes before hitting a stud. Oops. But the "book nook" looks great. And hopefully we will add our custom built bench underneath the shelves with the next tax return.
And yes, I have AWESOME bold stripes. This area is one of my happy places.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wednesday what [for reals]

This was a year ago. Almost. In just over two weeks, my youngest will be a year.
But he might not be my youngest any more. Crazy

Sorry for earlier. Long story. Made up of many little things. Including false labor.
Several hours with contractions 6 minutes apart. A few separate times. Annoying.
I shouldn't be surprised. The same thing happened with Daniel.
Obviously it will happen. And soon. But I am at that stage. Where you are ready to be done.
But you aren't done yet.
To save myself from dwelling, I busy myself with projects.
You might call it nesting.
I call it "if I don't do something to keep myself from sitting around, thinking of how done I am with pregnancy, I will kill all of the existing members of the household with whatever random object gets the job done".
So I have been sewing. As you saw last week. Sewed some more.
I had a play may that we bought for Joel eons ago.
Let me just apologize for the horrible picture quality. That was several cameras ago.
Moving on. Play mat. Infantino. Jungle themed play mat. The boys used the heck out of it.
But I am having a girl. And girls should have feminine toys. Since society conditions it.
So I recovered the play mat. And will be making new dangling rattle toys.
Super happy with the new look. Love the fuzzy strawberry.
AND it was done with the fabric I was going to use for her bedding. So yay!

I also decided I wanted a cute newborn hat for her to wear in the hospital.
I hate the blue/pink striped hats. You have no clue the gender of the baby.
Some how I went from making a hat to making a baby gown AND matching hat.
All from an old shirt I never wear due to stains and holes. Score.
Can't wait to post pictures of her in this little outfit.

Ps. You HAVE to go to Green Apple Images and check out the preview from my maternity session.
Jen made me feel so beautiful. And I can't wait for her to capture baby girl in a few weeks. Ecstatic.

wednesday what

I am canceling my "wednesday what" today. Several reasons. I am too lazy to use the computer to upload pictures. Lame, I know. I am too tired to care since I got little more than two hours of sleep last night. Yeah, not fun. I am too full of negative today to say anything useful (and I don't want to alienate everyone that may actually like me due to my sour mood). So, too bad. If my mood changes or I feel inspired later tonight, maybe. But I doubt it. Maybe I will post tomorrow. If the sun chases away my little storm clouds...

On a lighter note, donations of chocolate, dr. pepper, money, or food are gladly accepted to help me feel better.
Just kidding. Sort of.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wednesday what

Did you know that my front door is TEAL? I absolutely love it.
WHY is my front door teal? Because of my husband.
I wanted a purple door. But my neighbor two doors down has a purple door.
You CAN'T have two purple doors on one street. It's the rules.
So Robert jokingly says, "How about turquoise?!" Completely mocking me.
And to turn the joke back on him, I painted it a bright teal.
I smile every time I go through it.

I have kept myself crazy busy recently. Because I just don't know how to stop.
Splash pad. Cousin's baby shower. Friend's birthday BBQ. Family get together. Zoo.
On top of going, going, going, I have been sewing, sewing, sewing.
My dear neighbor asked how the baby bedding was coming along. Told her I quit. She asked why.
Sewing machines are stupid. Period.
She brought my machine home and worked her magic. Fixed it.
So I have been sewing ever since. Literally every single day. EVERY DAY.
Yesterday I decided what the heck. Let's try to recover the infant car seat.
You know. Easy peasy...
Even though it was an ALL DAY task, I am so happy I did it.
I was nervous at first. What if I failed?
Robert would kill me for unstitching it and not being able to reassemble it.
I wanted to give up at times. Just buy a new one.
But I made the last stitch somewhere around 1am and put everything back together.
And almost cried.

The brown was already part of the carseat cover. I just replaced the patterned fabric. So proud of myself, people. My ego is swelling.
Ps. Her bedding will be the same material. Minus the brown.

My two year old may not survive. I do not remember Joel going through terrible twos as badly as Lucas. AHHHHHH!
Chocolate and cold pizza. So delish. Need I say more?
My dad recently had surgery for not-cancer cancer. He is fine. It's confusing.
I have been missing Japan like crazy this last week. And I was only there for a week...
I have less than 4 weeks until my due date. I'd tell you how I am progressing,
but do you REALLY want to talk about my cervix? Didn't think so.
I hated mushrooms before this pregnancy. Now I crave sautéed mushrooms regularly. It's weird.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wednesday what

First and foremost, I hate the new look of blogger. Seriously makes it difficult to do simple tasks.
Whatever. Moving on.
The last few weeks have been insane. In a good way.
I told myself that I HAD to make it until Saturday. Not that I thought I wouldn't.
Now that my shower and maternity photo session are over, baby girl can come any time.
Unless she wants to wait 4 or 5 more weeks. That would be perfectly fine, too.
I have a lot of tasks I can work on.
Like painting nursery furniture
and sewing a few things
and making headbands and hair bows
and, well, you get the idea.

Let's back track a little. This past Saturday, I had my pictures taken by the amazingly talented Jen of Green Apple Images.
So so so glad I did this. If you are on Facebook, you have probably seen her preview for me.
I AM IN LOVE. And it is only the first of many more beautiful photos.
So excited to see the rest. But I know the editing process and am patient.
Being with Jen was super easy and incredibly fun. She comes from an amazing family.

The weekend before my maternity shoot was my baby shower.
It was small, but lovely. Just the perfect amount of everything. Friends. Treats. Gifts.
I decided that since this is my 4th & last, I would do something more intimate than my first shower.
With Joel, I invited practically everyone I knew. Over 100 guests. It was slightly overwhelming.
This time, my guest list was super short. And though I feel bad for not including more friends, I am happy with my choice.
If you did not recieve an invite, please do not be sad. I do love you. Unless you are a creepy stalker.

So that's that. No locking myself in my car this week.
Though Lucas DOES bang on the windows yelling, "Let me out!" whenever we arrive somewhere. Great...

Everything was SO PINK!

Monday, April 23, 2012

if you want it...

So... Remember when I made this little lovely thing? Worked ever so long and hard on it. Guess what? Change of plans. I will NOT be making baby girl's bedding. Which means I will no longer be using this. Sadness. It just does not match. So I am going to sell it. Asking $35 (OBO). It is approximately 14" wide, 20" tall. Strawberry, cream, petal pink, and teal (hidden pops of apple green). Leave me a comment if you are interested!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wednesday what

This picture is not from today. Nor does it completely depict today's feelings.
But it will have to do.
See how I am in a car here? My story today DOES have to do with that. That particular car, in fact.
In April of 2010, we bought our Highlander. And I love it. Comfortably seats seven.
In Septemeber of 2010, we learned that child locks are essential.
Joel learned how to open the door. While we were driving home from Utah. Going 85 mph.
Joel never messes with the door anymore. Lucas... Always. Child locks are needed in our car.
But today I learned that child locks are dangerous.
I was loading the kids in the car after a shopping trip at Target. Since Lucas and Joel JUST moved to the third row (to make room for baby), I climbed in to help buckle them into their booster seats. Trying to be curtious in case the owner of the neighboring car left while I was strapping my kids into my car, I closed the door ALMOST all the way. It shut. I thought nothing of it. I buckled Daniel in. I buckled Joel in. I buckled Lucas in. Gave them sippy cups and a few fruit snacks. And I tried to get out. It took a second to realize why I couldn't open the door. Child locks. I thought for a minute about my predicament. I couldn't open the door, obviously. The keys were in my hand, so I couldn't roll down a window to access the outside handle of the door. I am nearly 8 months pregnant, so I couldn't crawl over Daniel's carseat (which is in the middle seat of the second row), nor could I crawl over the passenger's seat. There is just no room for me to go over anything. I couldn't go out through the back for the same reason. Besides, there is no inside handle to the rear door. I was trapped in my car with my three babies. Trying to remain calm, I waited for someone to pass by. It takes a while for someone to actually walk by. I started pounding on the windows while shouting "help". The woman glanced up. A conflicted look crossed her face. And she started veering to the other side of the row, occasionally looking at the car. She did not stop to help. The boys started crying when they saw me getting agitated. Another lady walks by, so I tried again. "Help me! Please!" I pounded harder. The second person stole a quick look at my car and sped up. She did not stop to help. I was hysterical. I screamed. I pounded. The boys screamed. And cried. I think a third person walked by without stopping to help. But I was so frantic it just didn't register. A man appeared outside my car next to me. He must have come up behind from the front of the car. I managed to shout, "please open my door; I am trapped" between sobs. Without hesitation, he opened the door. I started bawling uncontrollably. He made sure everyone was safe and sound as I scrambled out of the car. I thanked him profusely, not knowing what else to say to this stranger who just saved me and my babies from baking inside my car. I quickly climbed into the driver's seat and just cried for a few minutes. I was so gratfeul for the stranger who helped; I was so appalled by those who just walked past.
I get it, though. If the situation were reversed, what would I do?
As a pregnant woman with kids in tow, I would feel vulnerable. What if it were a trap?
But I don't think I could just do NOTHING. Especially after my experience.
I would call 911. Or at least let security know someone might be trapped.
There are still good people in the world, even if few and far between.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wednesday what

Look at that beautiful thing. Lemon-glazed tea cake. It was as delicious as it looks.
Recipe found HERE (though I substituted the brown rice flour with my AMAZING GF flour...)
This was my Easter contribution. Slightly disappointed that more people didn't try it.
More for me, right?
Considering I ate tea cake for breakfast, lunch, and dessert on Monday...

Easter was a roller coaster of a day.
Boys opened their baskets from the Easter bunny. Total excitement over trivial items. Score.
Got to church early. Not out of the norm for us. But still nice.
Realized the little infection on Daniel's leg was now the size of a ping pong ball.
Try to text my mom. No response. Waiting. Waiting.
Response. If it is hot and swollen, go to urgent care.
It is hot and swollen. We leave after Sacrament meeting for urgent care.
Urgent care was quick and easy. Antibiotics and ointment for infection.
Oh, btw, Daniel might have MRSA. A drug-resistant strain of staph. Awesome.
Back to church for Relief Society. Might have gotten emotional at a story shared.
Home for lunch and nap. The boys were perfect. For once.
Put the glaze on my cake and try to go all Martha Stewart with sugar dusting. Fail.
Headed to my family's Easter dinner. Boys hunted for eggs. I sadly sat on the sidelines.
Dinner. Delicious food. No awkward or annoying comments made. Win.
Easter baskets opened. Boys loved their stuff. No fighting. Amazing.
Headed to Robert's family's house. Personal drama resulted in my meltdown.
Eventually pulled myself together and enjoyed the time with family.
Went home happy. Kids started acting up. Turned into full out monsters.
Bath time and bed time were a disaster. But eventually they fell asleep.
The frustrations of the day wore on me and Robert. We didn't relax during OUR time.
I passed out as Robert was trying to right our woes. Oops.
And that was our Easter. The good, the bad, and all else in between.

Robert and I don't fight a lot. At least I don't think we do. Disagree? Yes. Argue? Kinda. Fight? No.
Besides, I forget I am 7.5 months pregnant. And ridiculously emotional. RIDICULOUSLY. Which does not help.
The pictures below are from throughout our day.
No candy. Only one egg with fruit snacks. And they didn't even care.
That plastic tub in the background? All their eggs.
Me and my cousin. She is due a week after me.