Friday, April 24, 2009


Robert has a new position; he is the manager of a branch in the credit union.
Joel has a new tooth; he now has two bottom teeth.
I have my computer back; I have gotten so use to Robert's laptop in these last two months that I am no longer comfortable using mine.

The only other blog-worthy event that has recently occurred is that I had the "opportunity" to use the Heimlich maneuver on my child. Not a fun experience. Let's just say we'll wait a couple more months before trying solid bananas again (and so you don't think I'm an incompetent mother, I cut them length-wise into thin "sticks", not width-wise into disks). Experiences like this make me grateful both of my parents are in the medical field; I felt "prepared".
It may be a week and a half until I blog again (unless something of GREAT WORTH occurs before then). That will be when we find out if I am having a boy or a girl... Most have been guessing girl, but I would almost prefer a boy. That way Joel would have a brother and best friend (like Robert did).

Gangsta baby!

Monday, April 13, 2009

many firsts

Easter was a day of many firsts for our family. It started with our first leak. At about midnight on Easter morn', I decided to take a relaxing bath (no, I didn't wake up in the middle of the night; we had yet to get to bed). Robert was finishing up down stairs before coming up to bed when I heard an "Oh no!". Getting nervous that something had happened to one of my precious desserts for Easter, I yelled down and asked what was wrong. Silence. I continued to question Robert until he simply said "we have a leak". A leak? Like under the sink? The toilet? Where? Silence. "Robert, WHERE is the leak?". "The ceiling". What?! Water was apparently dripping from one of our accent lights over the couch. Water + Electricity = Trouble. Lucky for me, my hubby thinks fast. He moved the couch as soon as he noticed the leak and placed a bucket beneath. The leak slowed to a stop. At this point, I am still in the tub, too terrified to drain the tub to get out. Friends in our ward had a leak from the neighbors above turn into a gaping hole in the ceiling. All I can think is the same thing is going to happen to us. Robert yells up for me to drain the tub. Hesitantly, I pull the plug. Five seconds later, I push it back in. "Is it leaking now?". "Keep draining it!". I pulled the plug again. After five more seconds, I push it back in. "Anything?". "Leigh, you're so silly! Drain the tub". Grr... I pulled the plug and got out. Nothing. No more leaking, even after playing with the upstairs toilet and sinks. Strange. Leaving the bucket, we go to bed. (This part of the story will be finished later...)
As Robert is waking up Joel Easter morning, he notices a tooth. Joel's FIRST tooth. Not only can you feel the tooth, you can now see it too! My baby has an ity bitty tooth! One step closer to eating solids.
Easter dinner with my family was as good as it gets (I have a very interesting family). The food was absolutely delicious. Everyone loved my desserts! I made lemon poppy seed cake and carrot cake cup cakes (and now have breakfast for the next several days). When the feast was over, my husband, cousin, and I enjoyed the competition of an Easter egg hunt. This is no ordinary Easter egg hunt; our hunt gets violent. There are large quantities of money hidden among the eggs. No crappy chocolate. I know I may be 23 (and pregnant), but I will participate in Easter egg hunts until the day I die if I have anything to say about it! In all, I found 57 eggs, beating Robert's 54... but just under my cousin's 60. Dang it.
Once the hunt was over and the family had departed, my mom took Joel swimming. Joel's FIRST swim! He wasn't very happy once he got in the water; Robert and I think that was due to me not being in the water with him (he has gotten VERY clingy). Even with the baby floatie right near me, he still screamed. I will have to toughen up to get in the water soon; it is still a bit cold for me...
When Joel had dried off, taken a good nap, and finished his early-evening bottle, we went over to Robert's parents' house to visit. Unfortunately, they had just finished dinner, so we missed out on a second Easter dinner. Bummer. We did, however, get to enjoy their company for a while before coming home.
On our ride home, Robert and I started talking about what to do about the leak. Robert suggested that I call Dallan (my "sister's" husband and a friend) to see what he could do. I was hesitant about it; he deals with the plumbing of water distillers. I didn't think he would be able to help us. Since it was only 8pm, I figured I would go ahead and try to call him then. I lucked out! He was right down the street and told us he would come right over to check it out. After one glance at the tub upstairs, he identified the problem and showed Robert how to fix it. Presto! Leak = gone! Ha ha! The tub is ancient; it is made out of steel. The overflow drain had become rusted and corroded; so when I filled the tub a tad too high, the extra water leaked out the corroded holes rather than the drain. A little plumber's putty fixed it right away. Ahh...
The final FIRST was when we fed Joel right before bed. Robert moved Joel's hands to where they supported the bottle... and he held it alone! He usually tries to hold it by the nipple as he eats, but this time he held his bottle up (and has been doing so again today)! This gives me more freedom. Finally. I think we shall work on crawling being his next FIRST...

The damage...

Our Family

My desserts

Easter egg hunt!

Joel with his three Easter baskets

Joel would rather snuggle than swim

In the garden

Eating Daddy's new tie

Pictures in his Easter outfit

View more of our Easter pictures HERE

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

happy half birthday

I'm not one to get overly sentimental about monthly anniversaries or half birthdays or anything, but 6 months is a pretty big milestone for a baby. Unfortunately for Joel, this is a half birthday he would probably rather soon forget. Today was his 6 month check-up with the doctor. More shots. Luckily, the next round wont be for another 6 more months. He handled it like a tough little guy; but hey, who likes a HUGE needle going into their leg? A few tears and a bottle later, he fell asleep, forgetting all that ailed him. Just before the shots, though, was the most painful part of the visit: he had to get his circumcision wound fixed. Without too much detail, skin from the sides had healed around the tip; the doc had to pull (rip) the skin away. I don't think Robert would have been able to handle watching. It was hard enough for me! That procedure right there allowed Joel to display his unnatural strength; both me AND the doc had to hold him down in order to continue. Luckily it was over after four attempts. The hard part is, any time I change his diaper, Joel freaks out and makes it difficult to clean entirely. At least he wont need to have surgery!
Besides the grueling doctor visit, Joel started baby food today! Bananas. I had the camera out, ready for a hilarious reaction. Nothing. No reaction. Maybe I will get one out of him when we try carrots or peaches...
more cute 6 month photos here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

nice to meet you!

My newest niece: Taylor Kelly Payne
6lbs 8oz
19 3/4" long
(For those of you who know Lisa, her blog has finally been updated)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

one more video

Okay, disregard this post, but check the one below. For those of you who already viewed my new post, check again under videos. I forgot to post the funniest one. :)

goodbye march, hello april!

So... my lack of blogging lately bothers me. Not that I've ever been one to blog consistently. My lack of a computer makes it difficult (not that I don't use Robert's computer almost everyday)... I guess I just figured that I know how frustrated I get when others don't update their blog; I'm guilty of the same crime. So I thought I would make up for it by posting our favorite March photos and videos (which I may not attempt again until I have MY computer... it takes too long using Robert's computer without any of my software).

March began with Joel and I going with my mom and her friend to the "Hippie Gypsy" store down by ASU. No, neither my mom nor I am hippie; my mom's friend Linda is the hippie.

Kicking it in our cool shades.

Even at a young age, he has very particular tastes.

Stocking up

So cute, what else is there to say?

Sitting by himself (he has been doing it for a couple weeks now)

Happy FREAKIN' Easter.

Baby Shower for Lisa and baby Taylor!
(I was in charge of all these goodies!)

The baby maker

The headband I made for a diaper cake
(To his father's disapproval, my son makes a lovely model)

Joel... the nut

Our Ward's Primary Bulletin Board that I made
(ps. It is all HAND MADE from paper. No cut-outs or decals or kits here!)
click either picture for better detail

Two fondant cakes I've made recently
The red one is our Primary birthday cake.
The white and black is one I made for my mom's 50th birthday


Everyone loves a laughing baby. I guess that is why we love Joel so much!

He was angry one day, so I put him in the swing so he could learn to deal with it. Within a few minutes of me putting him down, this is what I looked over and saw...
My favorite part is how he kicks his feet to propel himself upward...

This video is freakin' hilarious. Robert and I couldn't stop laughing...
(notice how Joel listens to my voice but ignores Robert's)

The final video (but a favorite)
You may have heard me or Robert talk about it; you may have read us blog about it; now you can finally SEE it for yourselves. Turn your head to the left when you view this video.
(it is meant to be viewed as a vertical video rather than horizontal)
Enjoy! :)
Who knew cats could climb up two-story walls?!