Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What is a picture worth? A thousand words? How about 12,000 pictures? Would they be worth 12 million words? How about a lifetime of memories? Well, that is what I am about to lose...
It started on Friday. Baby was having a HORRIBLE day. I was trying to get work done on the computer, but he wouldn't have it. I gently placed the laptop on the couch so I could pick up Joel. The moment I stood up, the laptop tumbled to the ground, breaking my thumb drive. I wouldn't have been so upset if I didn't have every Primary document (nearly 100 pages of revised documents) saved on the thumb drive. Luckily, Robert and I were total MacGyvers and disassembled the thumb drive to get to the motherboard. After some tilting and jilting, we were able to con the computer into thinking the thumb drive was attached. I quickly copy and pasted the precious files to Robert's laptop. One problem solved.
Backtrack to my computer. Later, after the drop-incident, I decided to clean off some files and programs from my laptop; I had unnecessary items taking up space. I only deleted items I knew and never used. After the clean-up, the computer began giving all sorts of error signals. I brought it to my dad, who has been able to save every other computer that I have caused to crash. No use, the computer wouldn't even load the start page. Two hours into trying every imaginable thing, the computer finally turns on and the desktop is accessible. At this point, I am repeating "I don't care what happens to the computer, but PLEASE, save the pictures". My dad hooks a hard drive up to my computer and begins transferring 21G of photos. He told me it would take a couple hours, to go home, and call in the morning. Well, this morning I called. The computer crashed in the middle of the night. None of the files transferred over to the hard drive. He is unable to turn the computer on after hours of fiddling with it.
There is a good chance that every picture I have ever taken is gone. I never made a back up; I had been meaning to transfer unused pictures onto DVDs. It is too late. The only photos I have as of right now are the photos I downloaded from my 80+ albums on Picasa Web Albums. I can't describe how bad this sucks. If I could change things, I would rather lose all the documents from my thumb drive. Those can be re-typed. My pictures, those can never be replaced. Take a lesson from me; if you have hundreds or thousands of once-in-a-lifetime photos saved on your computer, MAKE A BACKUP...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bags and cats

Well, the cat is out of the bag... and I am mostly to blame. You guessed it, we're expecting number two! Yes, this was planned. No, we didn't think I would get pregnant again the instant we started trying. Yes, we are crazy. No, we aren't upset. I am almost 6 weeks, so it is still a little early to tell the WORLD (I had a miscarriage about this early on the first time I got preggers). But it already got out enough that I felt that I should be the one to let friends know. Besides, I am getting too excited to hold it in! My due date is the same day that Joel was due: October 5th. If we are lucky, our babies will be a year apart. It shall be fun (tiring, but fun)!

Monday, February 2, 2009

two weeks

I have been crazy busy with my new calling, Baby, and other babies (showers, births, and whatnot). But there have been some blog-worthy events...
First, Bobbi had her baby! Yay! Cyrena Diane was born Jan. 21st at 9:06pm and weighed 7lbs, 15oz. Bobbi's smallest baby thusfar, but her worst labor. I visited the next day; it is so hard to remember Joel being so small (granted, he was never that small, but that young)! She is beautiful.
Second, we purchased a froggie cool mist humidifier for Baby's room. Great Buy. It has helped his skin SO much (he has eczema. lovely). Besides the fact that it helps, it is freaking cute!
Third, my close friend Gina came over one day to visit before work. I miss being in school with her, but I am grateful I graduated all the same. She visited me in the hospital the day after I had Joel. I just had to snap a shot of her holding him again. Um... what swallowed my baby?
Fourth, I went to my friend Erica's baby shower; she is due at the end of this month. It is so crazy! A bunch of my friends have been or will be giving birth within a 2 month period. I feel left out (not really)! Though she is close to her due date, she doesn't look ridiculously big... mainly because her little one has dropped already. Good luck Erica!
Fifth (almost done, I promise), Robert had the opportunity to sing the national anthem with two friends: Rick H. and Jeremy L. They sang twice at an AML cancer benefit, LONDON'S RUN & RIDE. There was a half marathon and a horseback riding event. They did a great job.
Sixth (and last, I swear), Robert and & I were greeted Sunday morning with a rude awakening; someone smashed two florecent light bulbs (the long skinny ones) against the hood of Robert's truck. People are so stupid. Glass covered the hood, windshield, and top of Robert's truck. Though the broken glass came off easily, there was some permanent damage where the imacts were. Freaking MORONS. Blah. But there is not much we can do about it, so whatever.

Holding Cyrena
Awesome froggie humidifier
Gina with Joel at birth and at 4 months

Amanda, Me, Joel, Erica, Tiffany, & Kristi
(Yes, I am short)
Robert, Rick, & Jeremy at LONDON'S RUN & RIDE
Glow stick baby!
Robert's poor truck (click to enlarge)