Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, as most of you all know, we have a NEW president. I am excited (and I don't care whether or not you are)! But that is not the "new" I am talking about. Nope. Our new is BETTER!
First, I have a NEW calling and can finally talk about it since I am now sustained. Drum roll, please..... I am the new Primary Secretary! I LOVE my calling; I am so happy to be back in Primary! My wards is awesome; the kids are awesome.
Second, Baby has "learned" to make a new noise. It sounds almost like a laugh sometimes. I am not quite sure how he does it, but it is hilarious. Take a look below! There is also a video of him trying to whack his bottle. The poor little guy is concentrating so hard but can't seem to hit it. Among his new sound is another new "trick"; Joel loves to grab my face (on purpose) or phone if I am talking to someone (just ask Robert; Baby hung up on him). While I miss my ity bity baby, I love the personality he is taking on!
PS, At 3 months, he weighs just under 18 lbs. He is almost 3 times as big as Kit and Kristi's little Annelise (as you can clearly see in the photo)!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

beans beans the musical fruit

No, I don't have gas.. Yes, I DO have beans. POUNDS of beans. Out my ears... That would make an amusing picture... Here's the story:
MONDAY: I decide to soak and bake beans for soup and whatnot. A lot of my friends are having babies and I figure a nice bean soup would be helpful to overwhelmed new parents. I began searching for the perfect recipe (which I later discard for a creation of my own concoction).
TUESDAY: I pull out my beans. All six bags; black beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas, split peas, navy beans, and kidney beans. I thought myself a genius for wanting to soak them all at once and get them out of the way. I proceed to pour the beans (as you can see below, in an obsessive compulsive manner) into the pot. When I finish separating the beans (yes, I am a freak), I add water. I add just over an inch of water above the level of the beans.
TUESDAY 20 MIN. LATER: I check on how the beans are soaking (you know, since soaking beans need to be checked often). I am a little surprised to see that the level of the beans had risen to the top of the water, but I figure that they wouldn't rise much more.
TUESDAY 20 MORE MIN. LATER: The beans are towering over the pot, threatening to spill over. Panicking, I race around the house, looking for something to move the massive heap of beans into. I don't have a pot or pan or container BIG enough to hold the continuously expanding beans. While running around, I nearly stumble over Baby's laundry basket (with laundry that still needs to be done). Viola! With Joel's clothes now scattering the floor, I go back into the kitchen to dump the beans into the plastic tub; they filled the tub about a fourth of the way. I don't even bother trying to make the beans pretty. I add more water and leave them overnight.
WEDNESDAY: It's afternoon. I'm not very inspired, but the beans DO need to be taken care of. They now fill the tub about half of the way. The water is nearly gone; so low that you can only see it when you dig into the beans. I begin the process of rinsing the beans. I placed 3 cups of beans in a pot on the stove; I placed 3 more cups of beans in the crock pot. I cut up bacon, ham, carrots, celery, and onion. Divide between the pots. Add seasonings and garlic. Resume rinsing the remainder of beans. I may attempt to cook all the beans that I can, but lose interest quickly. Instead, I rinse and bag the rest of the beans. I fill 2 gallon size bags and 3 quart size bags. I lose probably another cup or two to the drain and the floor.
WEDNESDAY EVENING: The bean soup on the stove doesn't turn out as well as the bean soup in the crock pot. Who cares. By this point, it is amazing that I even EAT the beans. Though the beans weren't 100% cooked, the soup still tastes pretty good.
FRIDAY: My friend Kristi (the one who the crock pot bean soup is for) calls and tells me that she wants me to make more soup for her parents. Surprisingly, I am thrilled to make the soup (I want to get rid of the beans).
SATURDAY: I know that I need to make the soup on Monday and am dreading it. I hate BEANS!

By the way, my website Simple by Design is nearly completed (I still need to figure out pricing and ordering). The banner under my header is linked to the webpage. Take a look! If you see anything that you would be interested in me making for you or want to leave a review, send me a message at simplebyleigh[AT]gmail[DOT]com (I didn't link it or write @ or . because I don't want spam mail!) We can discuss prices (I am currently pricing low since I am just starting up).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

day of babies

Today has been a great day! I have been able to visit a lot of close friends/"family". To start off the day, Robert played racquetball with his brother, Jess. When he got home, Baby was in such a happy mood. He was smiling and talking for us like crazy. Jokingly, Robert put his ASU hat on Joel. Freakin' cute! I couldn't resist a picture.
Upon finishing a gift, I went to my "sister" Bobbi's baby shower. Even though it is her fourth, a girl in her ward insisted on a shower since it has been six years since she had her last girl. I got a great shot with Bobbi from my shower, so I had to get another shot with her at her shower. Her little one, Cyrena, should be here in about a week and a half.
After the baby shower, I headed to my parents' house to drop Joel off while I visited with friends across-the-street. My friends Kit and Kristi had their baby girl three nights ago. Annelise was born on Jan. 7th at 10:33pm. She weighed 6lbs 2oz! TINY! I can't get over how small she is! For you girls reading this, look at your palm. Your palm is BIGGER than her entire head (I swear it). SO SMALL. But then again, I birthed a hippo, so anything would look ridiculously small compared to him. But Annelise is perfect, healthy, and beautiful. She looks like Kit, for those of you who know them. I am so happy for them.
Today has been a great day.

Future Sun Devil
Bobbi (Cyrena in belly), Leigh, & Joel
Kristi with her new baby
Me holding TINY baby Annelise!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

family photos

So! As I promised, here are some of my favorite family photos (egPhotography). I am VERY happy with how they turned out! I also took a couple pictures of Christmas crafts (upon putting them away). I am contemplating starting a "business" for custom crafts... We'll see how is goes.
By the way, I have only posted a handful of pictures; there are many more in the album (linked above).

Yay for Christmas crafts!

Two of our three trees (yes, Baby had his own tree)

Now for the AMAZING family photos: