Wednesday, July 30, 2008

back in business!

We finally got internet! Yay! I have felt unconnected for the last two and a half weeks! It has been difficult not having internet, but we have managed. When we first moved in, Robert hooked our tvs up the the provided cable jacks, just for the heck of it, and BAM! We had cable! That was a luxury that I haven't had since I lived with my parents. We figure that the previous owner had paid for this month and then moved mid-month. Well, when we got home from running errands on Tuesday (the day our internet was hooked up), we flipped on the telly and NOTHING. So, now that we have internet, our "free" cable is gone. One luxury for another. Oh well... has some of the shows I grew fond of...
Many people have been asking if we have everything all moved in at the new house and put away... Honestly people, it is ME we are talking about. We were completely moved in WITH decor up within less than a week! We have even added onto our previous allotment of "stuff": baby furniture, end pieces for the entertainment center, and a piano! I am not one who can live out of boxes... nor can I feel at home in a place that is not decorated to my liking. The only problem is my entire house is complete, so I have nothing to do between now and when school starts at the end of August...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

some news

This blog may not be as detailed as one would hope; my parents have HORRIBLE internet. I hate cox. Anyway! We are now completely moved into our new home. Last Saturday, with the help of Robert's family, we were able to get everything moved from the apartment to our new condo. No real problems or anything! While everyone was moving furniture and boxes, my parents and I painted in the nursery. It looks great! Robert had Tuesday off from work, so we worked hard that day! We cleaned the apartment; unpacked and organized our home; and he put together the baby furniture for the nursery. I have spent the rest of the week getting things completely unpacked and put away. I have even found the time to decorate the place! Slowly but surely, it is starting to feel like home. Saturday evening, we took our fathers to the D-backs game (our Father's Day present). CRAZY! We were surrounded by Dodgers fans. At one point, a fight broke out a few rows back. It was intense. The game was intense as well; the 9th inning was spent at the edge of our seats! This past week has been busy busy busy. Hopefully we will have internet soon, so I wont have to rely on my parents internet...

Friday, July 11, 2008

an interesting day...

Yesterday was quite the day for us! We have been waiting all week to hear when we would close on our new home. We finally got the call yesterday around 2pm; Robert left work early, sped to pick me up, and we raced to the title company to sign the docs. Honestly, I got worse at signing my name as we went along... at one part, I even forgot how to spell my name! After signing our lives away, we stopped by Home Depot to pick up paint for the nursery. I am excited to paint!
Upon returning to our apartment, we found a notice lodged in our front door... it was a termination of lease notice! We FREAKED out; we have NEVER been late on our rent. The notice warned that as of July 1st, they had not received rent... and a whole bunch of fees and fines were being slapped on what we "owed". I am grateful that we always ask for a signed copy ("receipt") when we give them the rent check; we immediately pulled out the receipt from July 1st. Apparently, our 30 day notice had not been filed, so they assumed we were underpaying. As of noon today, everything has been cleared up (thankfully). What a scary experience! With the cost of purchasing our own home, there would have been no way for us to make the supposed apartment payment!
When the shock and frustration of the notice cooled a bit, Robert and I rushed to get our dining room table to my grandma's for repair. While driving home from signing the docs for the new place, we noticed a looming storm. We worked as fast as we could to clean the table and get it into the back of the truck for transport. We hadn't even driven a mile from our apartment before the storm hit... It was crazy! As Robert was driving, I was looking out the window at some tennis courts near our home. It looked as if a HEAVY rain was falling on the courts, but we were less than 100 yards away and it wasn't even sprinkling on us. Then, without warning... BOOM. We were being pelted with a heavy rain. Luckily for us, my grandma only lives a few miles away. By the time we made it to her house, we couldn't see the lane lines, we couldn't see other vehicles, we couldn't even see out the windshield! I had a hard time getting out of the car; the wind was whipping so fast that the door slammed shut on me! I learned QUICKLY that I picked the wrong day to wear white shorts... We got the table inside without any problem (well, except for the excess amounts of water). Once we got home, the rain had stopped. Go figure.
Yesterday was full of ups and downs, laughs and tears (just kidding, no tears!). Today is full of packing...

Monday, July 7, 2008

the fourth

Fourth of July was great. It has been a while since Robert has had a day off, so this holiday was much needed. We took advantage of this and SLEPT IN! After lunch, Robert and I went to the movies; we saw Get Smart. Entertaining. When the movie was over, we ran home to grab our swimsuits before heading over to my parents house to swim. I love being in the pool! Being in water makes me forget that I have gained a lot of weight and am now "front" heavy. Joel also likes when I am in the water; he always starts moving around and kicking when I swim. Hopefully he will be a water baby like I was. At five, we went over to Robert's parents house for a BBQ. The burgers were delicious! After dinner, Robert serenaded me while playing piano. He has his romantic moments, even if they are selfish (he does it just to play the piano). Luckily I had my camera, so I recorded him playing and singing. We provided dessert; a festive rice krispie treat! We also brought his sisters "fire crackers" made out of life savers (I do crafts to be decorative, not patriotic...). I was pushing Robert to go see fireworks, so we left at nine and headed for Tempe Town Lake. What a MISTAKE! The traffic was hideous; we ended up going eight or so miles out of our way JUST to get away from the lake. We called it quits on the fireworks, jumped on the freeway, and headed home. On the freeway, I snapped a couple shots of the MCC fireworks display (that's why the picture looks crazy). We fell asleep that night watching Ocean's Eleven. Overall, a relaxing day!
Saturday was spent with more relaxing and quite a bit of packing. It is strange how bare our living room is! Hopefully we will be in our new place this weekend (keep your fingers crossed)!
And to start off this week well, I was awarded $5000 for my final semester at ASU! That means that I will be receiving a check for about $2300 at the beginning of the semester (on top of the check he will be getting for about $1000). I love free schooling!