Thursday, September 13, 2007

crazy gunman

Well, life has been pretty uneventful for the last... forever. The only thing out of the ordinary occured last night. Robert has night classes on Wednesday and last night I decided to join him when he went to MCC. We had been studying in the library for a while when I received a call from his brother telling me he had something for me. I left to meet up with Robert's brother across the street, leaving Robert in the library to finish up his work. As I was crossing the street, I noticed one of those police helicopters but thought nothing of it. When I got into the building across the street, I received a call from Robert telling me that there was a security issue at MCC and that he would not be allowed to leave. Nearly an hour later when Robert was allowed to finally leave, we discovered that MCC campus was in lock down due to some crazy man walking around campus with a gun. They never caught him either. And just to think, I had been walking across the campus ALONE minutes prior to the lock down!