Sunday, September 26, 2010

sisters' party

So. My SIL is getting married in just over a month (yay Amy!) and asked me to throw a sisters' bachelorette party. 7 of us sisters and SILs (plus an 8th sister on Skype). Food. Games. Presents. It was absolutely fabulous. Don't worry, these pictures are rated PG (due the pictures of alcoholic beverage glasses which contained NO alcohol at ANY point in time, an unused pregnancy test, and a back massager).
Parties are my forte; I love the outcome of a well planned party. The food was delicious. The games were entertaining (Hubba Bubba: Amy had to correctly answer questions pertaining to Stephen... if wrong, she had to chew an additional piece of gum for each incorrect answer. Basket full of goodies: Amy had to identify wedding night related objects while blindfolded.) The presents were... perfect (we'll leave it at that). Thank you, Amy, for allowing me (and Lisa and Sarah) the opportunity to throw you a sassy soiree!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Saturday, Robert had a company party at Amazing Jake's. Personally, a one time experience there is enough for me (yup, I am a kill-joy). Huge crowds and utter chaos are just NOT my thing. Besides, the boys were only big enough for two rides (which would have been "fun" if not for the jolts and jostles). We DID enjoy ourselves (despite my apparent Debbie-downer attitude), but decided a repeat is not necessary in our near future.

*Wondering why I have been photo-blogging so much recently? I am avoid other things, like editing photos, building websites, and planning parties.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Robert had all of last week off from work. That made me smile. We took the boys out to do something fun nearly every day. That made me smile, too. A lot of things make me smile...
(The EVMCO/Rob Garner concert. Robert is at the very tip of the arrow.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just under two weeks ago, we made the long journey up to Utah for our niece's baptism. Long story short: difficult trip. One thing after another added up to a less than pleasant trip. Despite the negatives, there were still a bunch of things that made me happy:

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Instead of telling you what we have been up to lately, I will just show you.
(Thanks for flying kites with me, Daddy. XO, Pie)