Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one last hurrah

So, despite my growing lack in motivation, I have been able to accomplish a few last tasks. It seems like EVERYONE has been or will be having babies! I have made so many diaper cakes recently that I DREAM about rolling diapers. Odd.
Two of my beauties... (Oh, and they contain MUCH MORE than just diapers)
I was asked to co-conduct a Relief Society activity, "Bows, flowers, and headbands!". Somewhat stressful to prepare for since I wasn't really given any direction to go in (not to mention nearly 9 months preggers). But we pulled it off nicely! The turn-out was great, too.
Lisa Marie, the small maroon flower, small cream flower, and polka dot bow are yours!
Lastly, I have finished everything I wanted to complete in the nursery. Such a GREAT feeling. It started with pillow shams (made from a curtain matching the bedding set). Then the mobile was hung and bins were purchased for diapers (green for Joel, blue for Lucas). It ended with the glider. Robert's brother gave us a glider he didn't use; the cushions of said glider were... well, let's just say they had to go. So I made new cushions from scratch (NOT easy when cushions need to have VERY specific dimensions). There. My last BIG project before pushing out a baby.
The nursery, in all its glory...
Now. Baby (fetus baby) update. I am dilated to basically 4cm and pretty much fully effaced. I feel like if I so much as sneeze, the baby will just fly out. No more doc appointments; the next time I see him I will be giving birth. If I don't go into labor on my own, I will be induced at 5am on October 8th (Joel's first birthday). So... soon (which is NOT a word I would use to describe when we will be thinking about having #3, thank you)...
For your viewing pleasure (Joel enjoys watching it)... :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

looking back

While stalling with, well... everything, I pulled up our family photos from July. I just can't get enough of this man. He is my life.
And I am his; doesn't this last picture just make you think, "Back off, Dad. She's mine". I can't imagine what life will be like with two handsome little men (plus my handsome hubby, of course)... But there will surely be photos quickly after our newest one joins us (be prepared, Emily). Soon...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

boo-boo, toddles, baby

Accidents happen, even when you are watching. I was working on my Africa project last week (half way done, Danielle and Nikki), ironing and sewing like a madwoman. Whenever the iron was on, I kept both eyes on Joel to assure his safety. Any time he was within three feet of the ironing board, I watched him like a hawk to make sure he didn't put his hands ON the ironing board (there was no way he could reach the iron itself - it was practically hugging my body). As he was standing next to the ironing board, he began to cry. I figured the sound of the steam freaked him out. After two or three minutes, he was still going at it (and getting louder by the second). I KNEW he did not put his hand on the ironing board, so I couldn't figure out why he was crying so hard. He was thrashing around so much that it took a while for me to find what was causing all the tears; his ring and pinkie fingers of his right hand had been burned. The fingers were red and puffy from knuckle to tip. Joel was inconsolable for the next hour; he only stopped crying when he had passed out from the exhaustion of crying. I was devastated. I had been watching him and had no clue how this could have happened. The next day, while ironing (Joel was upstairs taking a nap), I discovered that he most likely put his hand UNDERNEATH the ironing board. The bottom of the ironing board gets as hot (if not hotter) than the top of the ironing board... The burns looked fine the first two days, but on the third day, it looked as if he would lose all the skin off his ring finger from the joint nearest the knuckle down to the tip. The feelings of devastation swelled within me again; I felt like the world's worst parent. Luckily, the open sores under the blistered skin healed before the blister began to peel. Now Joel has a calloused finger that is peeling (kind of looks like leprosy).
Before the underlying skin healed...
As Joel nears his first birthday (3 weeks!), he is nearing the "toddler" stage. Yesterday, he took his first TRUE steps. He had been taking a step away from an object and falling to his knees for the last few weeks. But yesterday he took two steps, looked down, realized what he was doing, then took three or four more steps! He refuses to have help walking if he knows that is your intent (there are ways to trick him to get him to walk with help). He has been more bold with walking in the last 24 hours; it was not just a one-time thing. My mom thinks this Saturday will be the turning point (we are visiting with family friends who were my "cure" for walking when I was 11 and 1/2 months). We shall see...
For anyone on facebook who saw my status about the false alarm with my water breaking, here is the story (and I wont go into SO much detail that it is awkward or uncomfortable). I was going to the bathroom yesterday and, as I was about to stand up, I felt a trickle. A trickle that I was not controlling. I just sat there with my mouth open, looking around, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Did my water break? Or did I "piddle" against my will? The feeling was VERY similar to the feeling I had when my water broke with Joel. When my water broke with him, it was not a huge gush; it was more like a constant trickle that I couldn't control. The only reason I knew that I was having contractions with Joel (in the beginning) was because I knew my water broke (I was in the doc's office when it happened, so he tested to make sure my water broke). This time, I couldn't decide whether to be concerned or to write it off. A couple hours after the incident, I started having massive cramps... Are these true contractions? Or are these Braxton Hicks? They started coming so hard that I couldn't think straight and barely made it home (I was driving as they came). I finally called my OBGYN to talk with a nurse (I am stubborn about NOT seeking out medical attention - both of my parents are in the nursing field; it's a product of my upbringing). False alarm. So, if you thought I flat-out wet myself... you were wrong. I have too much pride to let that happen (or to admit if that happened). No baby for now, but NO LONGER than 3 weeks.

Monday, September 7, 2009


So, my son is a stud. Ladies man. BIG pimp. Why? He caught the garter at a wedding reception, leaving all other single men devestated.
I do normally put pants on my child; he had just had a diaper change before going to bed.
What did he DO with the garter? Why, put it in his mouth of course.
I guess this means we need to watch him carefully around pretty little girls...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I don't care who you are or what you say. For me, September equals fall. You don't think bright colors when you think of September, do you? No. You think of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns (yes, you do. Don't argue with me). So I packed up this:
My pathetically few summer items
And I brought out all of this:
Unfortunately, the paper pumpkins did not survive. They were sadly laid to rest.
I love fall. I love that it starts cooling off. I love that holidays pile up upon one another. I love the foods; the smells. I LOVE fall!