Friday, May 30, 2008


For those of you who click on the links to look at my pictures... good news! Aimee spotted a problem with my links and everything is fixed. If you would like, you can go back through my last 3 posts and view the pictures now! Thanks again, Aimee!

onesies, cameras, and twinkies

For Father's Day/our anniversary (which I know haven't happened yet), I got a gift idea for Robert from my friend Aimee. I loved the idea, especially because it allowed me to go buy more baby clothes. :) I bought a cute little onesie that says "COOL just like Daddy". I also bought a cute jacket, a striped onesie, and khaki shorts... all for $22! Robert loved the Daddy onesie.

For Mother's Day/our anniversary, Robert decided to get me a new camera! I have been bugging him about it for months, but didn't think I was getting my need for a new camera through to him. He didn't understand why I needed a new camera when the one I have works just fine (for all of you photographers out there, I am sure you understand needing to upgrade size of megapixels... duh!). After he told me about the gift, he gave me a budget to work within... Given an amount, I researched several different makes and models and finally settled on a Canon Powershot A590IS. Maybe one day I can advance onto an SLR, but for now I am content with my advanced digital. We picked up the camera on Memorial Day! This is the first shot that I took:

Later on that day, we went over to Robert's parents' house for a BBQ and Family Home Evening. Part of our lesson involved communicating with others in order to built a twinkie tower. The tower had to be at least 3 inches off of the ground, using ONLY plastic silverware and had to be able to support 10 twinkies for 5 minutes. We were given 8 forks, 8 spoons, and 8 knives. The teams were chosen by my niece, Noelia, and my nephew, Diego; it ended up being boys vs. girls. And the girls ruled! The guys started cheating, using clothing and cups to help support the twinkies... Our tower was totally legit! In the end, Lisa and I took charge and plowed through, but we had help from some of the other ladies in the family. Poor Cami! Everytime she tried to help, the tower collapsed and we would have to start over. But we appreciated her help anyway! It was fun and entertaining.

Friday, May 16, 2008

half baked

Yesterday was a great day for me; my bestest best friend Jodi (who got married then immediately moved to no-where, Florida) arrived for her visit to AZ (Jodi's visit is mainly to visit a friend in Tucson who is graduating from U of A). I met her at the airport with our friends Carter and Nikki. It was awesome seeing her after so long! She was so excited to see me; she left when I got pregnant so she has only seen my growing bump via webcam. Jodi, Nikki, and I went out to eat with Jodi's in-laws. The food was great; I ate SO MUCH. Afterwards, the three of us went swimming. We were going to spend the rest of the evening watching 27 Dresses (Robert was SO excited), but we were nearly passed out and skipped on the movie. That night, right before going to bed, I let Jodi feel the baby move. Her eyes got HUGE and she started squirming and giggling once little Joel kicked me. After running some essential post-wedding errands this morning, Jodi and Nikki left for Tucson for the remainder of the weekend. She will be back Sunday evening, so I will probably have more pictures later...

On another note... I hit my half way mark in the pregnancy! It feels great to know that I am closer to giving birth than I am to having gotten pregnant (I still pray he isn't a week late like my hubby was...)! To "celebrate", I did some special pregnancy pictures with my friend, Aimee. The tag on my tummy says "1/2 Baked". Jodi likes to tell me that I am a baby cooker, so I figured the phrase half baked fit perfectly!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

sweet and simple

Sometimes the world gives us annoyances; for my dad, that would be his Jacaranda tree. It looks gorgeous when in full bloom; purple flowers everywhere. Unfortunately, those purple flowers everywhere include his yard. The ground is covered in dried purple flowers by the end of spring. They get in the house, the car, everywhere! I decided to make something beautiful of the mess the other day while over at my parents' house; I made a pretty purple heart!

Today, when Robert got home from work, I realized we looked like "goody two shoes"; he was clad in powder blue and khaki, I in petal pink and khaki! It made me laugh. Since the two of us are techinically three, I pulled out a light green onesie for our future baby Joel and snapped some shots.