Friday, August 27, 2010


Despite what some may think, my toe-headed boys DO occasionally need a haircut. Both had their first few haircuts in the tub while mom preened every individual hair with a pair of scissors. Not so sensible. So, two weeks ago, mom tried a different tactic when the blonde locks of both boys began growing minds of their own. Clippers. Genius. Placed the boys (one at a time, for obvious reasons) in our borrowed bumbo chair, wrapped the cutting cape around their necks, and clipped away. Both did well for having an electric toy buzzing next to their heads (but both insisted on holding the comb; one of them may have tried eating it). Stud muffins.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

her day

I apologize for my absence as of late. I have been preoccupied with my adventures with photography and all that it entails. Nearly two weeks ago, my baby cousin, Kristen, was sealed in the temple [insert "awww" here]. She looked gorgeous! Overall, it was a very happy day.
Yeah... That middle picture is of my ENTIRE family (minus my grandpa, who is kinda crazy anyways). I have a big family...
Kristen had her ring ceremony and reception at The Wright House. The wedding favors were bubbles, which the boys LOVED. And Joel developed a fondness for the fish fountains...
His entire right side may have been soaking wet by the time dinner started...
The best part (for me) about the entire night was that Kristen's photographer, Chris Paxman let me shoot with his second camera. Still on cloud nine from being able to use such an awesome camera. Some of my shots:
Of course I had to take good shots of my kids... Would you expect any less of me?
Thank you Chris, you are AWESOME.

Monday, August 2, 2010

a day in the life

Beyond excited that Lucas's midget feet FINALLY (kind of) fit into his Sunday shoes. He is 10 months old and still wearing size 2 (these shoes are size 3).
Lucas has been something of an odd-ball lately. Tips his head all the way back to laugh. Arches his back until his toes touch his head. Steals Joel's food and toys when Joel is not looking. Drinks from a sippy cup, but lets the water trickle down his face while laughing. Laughs with pride and joy when "conquering" the stairs. LOVES climbing on Joel's bed and jumping up & down while holding on to the the foot-board (video below). Took his first few steps today, but was completely unaware of what he was doing. Laughed after the fact. Lucas is my little goof.
Joel has been repeating words and phrases like crazy. Usually you can only understand the first and/or last words of his phrases, but he is starting to string words together. He knows his ABC's. Sings the song and only misses one or two letters (D and N, usually). Recognizes every letter and can point them all out. Is learning to spell his name (without having it drilled into him). Knows shapes and animals. Has strong OCD tendencies (wonder where that comes from...). Joel is my smarty pants.