Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer fun

Saturday was a big day. Daniel turned one month. I came up with a new way to document each month. And I look forward to torturing my child this way every month until he turns one year old...

Clearly he is as excited about this as I am.
One Month Stats:
Weight: 10 lbs, 10 oz
Height: 22.5 in

Saturday was also a big day for the Root family because it REALLY marked the first day of summer for us. POOL TIME! It was the first time we have been swimming since last summer. Joel. LOVED it. Jumped in and attempted floating and everything in between. Lucas. HATED it. At first, any way. Clung to Robert like a wet cat. Slowly loosened up as time went on.

I wish I could say the lighting and contrast make my kids blinding white. But no.
That is their skin color causing your eyes to burn. Just look at them compared to my mom.

Friday, June 24, 2011

off the soap box

Last post. Kind of harsh. I know. Not aimed at anyone in particular (so don't think I was trying to point fingers or lay blame to you). I promise. And I don't MIND being asked. It is just a matter of HOW those questions are asked. If you put your opinion into your question THEN I will throw daggers at you with my eyes. Just kidding. I will throw them with my mind (this is sarcasm, people. sarcasm). And I swear I am not as angry or frustrated or negative as some of my last few posts have made me appear. Really! I have felt a lot happier the last few weeks than I have felt in a while. I have just lost some of the filter that I had before hand. Personally, I blame having three children. And no patience. They say children teach you patience. I am waiting for that to happen (ha. how ironic). Seems to me that I have lost patience with each one. Either way, I want you to know that I am generally content. In the tired way. Not the overflowing gleefulness way. Besides, if you really know me, you know I am not one for jumping up and down for joy with ginormous smiles on my face. I smile on the inside.

COMPLETE CHANGE IN SUBJECT. So. I have a dear friend. She writes. Actually, I have a couple of friends that write. But for now, I am talking about one friend in particular. Who has started a story blog. Who is currently sharing an amazing story on said story blog. If ever you are looking for something to read OR looking for the opportunity to immerse yourself in wonderful goodness, check this out. Chapterhouse Lane. By Hero London. LOVE it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

two things

Two things. Nobody's business. Everyone's concern. THE two things I get asked about more than anything else. Nursing & number four. Lets start with nursing.
"Are you nursing? How long do you plan to nurse?"
Actually... none of your business. But let me answer anyway. Daniel is four weeks old as of yesterday. He is almost exclusively nursed. Maybe one or two bottles a week when I PHYSICALLY cannot nurse. So yes. I am nursing. For now. But guess what. Remember how I had an infection(s), but everything got better? Getting worse. Not AS BAD as when I had an infection(s). But regardless. More pain than what is normal. And really weird muscle sensations near my collarbone/shoulders when I nurse. Besides, Daniel has MAJOR reflux when he nurses. Way worse than what the other two had. But he never has reflux with formula. Keeps it in like a champ. So no. I do not plan to nurse much longer. Like 6 more weeks.
[Before you get all high and mighty on how AMAZING nursing is, hold your tongue. I exclusively nursed Lucas for 9 months and pumped enough for him to have nothing but breastmilk until he was 1 year. Never had one problem. I know the pros and cons of nursing. I am aware of passing on immunity and all the health benefits to both me and the baby. I got it. But my body is having a difficult time this go-around. And this causes my brain much stress. I do not handle stress well, so this is a sanity choice. My baby can either be nursed and EVERYONE in the household will suffer from a crazy me. Or. My baby can have formula - which, btw, my family doc said is awesome these days - and everyone in the household will be HAPPIER. Common sense decision.]
"When do you plan on having number four? You're going to wait a while, right?" Actually... none of your business. But let me answer anyway. Number four will join our family when both ROBERT AND I feel good and ready. Don't assume it will happen immediately. But don't assume it will be after "a while". And PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, don't tell me when to have the next one. Honestly, I feel good and ready. Dead serious. Not ashamed. My body on the other hand, not ready just yet. I mean I DID just give birth 4 weeks ago. It will take a couple months before my body gets back to normal. But I love how close Joel and Lucas are. And I would be completely fine with having a fourth baby close to Daniel. Especially since we will probably stop at four. Which would mean I would be done. And that much close to the end of diapers...
[Before you tell me YOUR opinion on how close babies should or shouldn't be, hold your tongue. I have heard it all before. I mean, Joel and Lucas ARE 8 days shy of 12 months apart. And it was not an accident. Yes. It can be difficult at times. Guess what, there will ALWAYS be challenges. But as with different situations, challenges differ too. So don't judge me because of the reproductive choices I make. I am not an unintelligent person. I know the "consequences" of my actions. This is MY (& my husband's) decision. Oh. And I kind of don't care whether you always agree with my choices. I wont judge you on yours if you don't judge me on mine.]
Sorry if I am harsh or offensive. But if you are going to ask, you are going to get an honest answer. I am all about honesty these days. I am tired of trying to hide certain things from certain people because I feel as if they will over-judge me. How about showing support instead? That would make things easier on my poor tortured brain!
Flip side. Daniel is starting to slowly fuss less and less. I love this. Or maybe I am tuning him out more and more. Regardless. Stress level is beginning to decrease in the Root home ever so slightly. But let's be honest: I will always stress over everything. It is who I am. But I am still loved. Know how I know? Daniel smiled at me this morning. Not a gas smile or a sleep smile. I'm thinking a real smile. He did it for his Daddy this morning, too. Wonderful.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I feel so blessed to have Daniel in our family. He may not be as easy-going as I had hoped, but I love his little personality regardless. He is beginning to respond to my voice with "ooh"s and "ahh"s. LOVE it. And I know smiles are right around the corner. If they are as good as his gas or sleep smiles, they will be worth any difficulty I have had thus far. He is precious.

Today was Daniel's blessing day. Instead of the standard blessing outfit, Daniel was clad in a white onesie with a ridiculously adorable polka dot tie that I made for him (that matched his Daddy's and brothers' ties). We had so much support from our family (and a few close friends that are basically considered family). It was wonderful. And Daniel didn't even cry! Following Sacrament meeting, a lady from the ward came up to me with a little note card that had the blessing written out for us. Seriously so sweet.

Our little family of five! And yes, we are matchy matchy!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

yes, please!

Um. YES.

Oh Happy Day is offering an AMAZING trip to Paris! If you want to enter, click here [though, you are hurting my chances at winning]...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ok. So my last post MAY have been a tad bit "Debbie Downer". Sorry if you didn't like it. Wasn't trying to complain. Just saying it like it is. And before you start doubting, I love Daniel COMPLETELY. He warms my heart. Even if he voices his opinion often. Besides, he is only 3 weeks old, right? I am sure I will have a plump little contented baby soon. And if not, at least I can always hope.
Today was a dr. visit. A NEW doctor. Took both Daniel and Joel. Daniel for his 2 week check up (at basically 3 weeks). Joel for ridiculously severe swollen tonsils. Ps. Joel has basically been sick since Christmas. Took him in on Christmas Eve eve. Tonsillitis. Since that time he has had tonsillitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, flu, cold, and everythingelseunderthemoon. At least 12 separate cases in under 6 months. I don't mind my kids getting sick occasionally. Helps build their immune system. But this has exhausted his. Not to mention mom's patience. And since everything has been viral, there is not really a thing they can do. Doc said this can last until they are 6. Um... No thanks; I'll pass. Daniel is looking good health-wise. Gaining weight as he should. So he IS getting enough to eat. I think his stomach and brain need to learn to communicate better. And even though Lucas wasn't there as a patient, the doc said he looks to be your average, healthy toddler. "Likes to stir the pot" were the exact words the doc used to describe Lucas... Understatement of the year. He likes to stir it. Then tip it over. Then play in it. That one is CRAZY. Going to try to capture some videos of him just to prove my point...

Daniel's 2 (really 3) week stats:
Weight: 9 lbs. 2 oz.
Length: 22 in.
Head Circ.: 14 in.
Yeah... all of his stats are a wee bit smaller than Joel's BIRTH stats...

Joel, Lucas, & Daniel just shy of three weeks old (Daniel looks more like Lucas here... which is weird).

Monday, June 13, 2011

spoke too soon

You know how sometimes you are pleasantly surprised about something but the moment you express it everything seems to go south? Yeah. Story of my life (ok, maybe not REALLY - just feels like it at times). Last few days have. been. miserable. Insane amounts of stress (granted some was self-induced). Daniel is NOT the happy camper I thought him to be. Nope. The more this little one learns to keep his eyes open, the more he likes to scream. And he goes STRAIGHT to screaming; no introductory whine or whimper here. Screaming is basically all he does when awake. LUCKILY he is still sleeping a majority of the day (and thankfully he still sleeps extremely well). So why the change? I am thinking it has something to do with nursing. Daniel still nurses like a champ. But mommy may not have recovered from the infection(s) as well as she thought. Just don't seem to be making enough for this forever-hungry child. The more his personality develops, the more he seems to be like Joel. Who was a very demanding baby. Yippee . . .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This guy is two weeks old today. Last week it was weird to think he was here. This week it is weird to imagine life without him. He has still been a wonderful baby. Still only wakes up once in the night to eat (technically only wakes up once in the early morning). Still sleeps well. Mom, however, has NOT been doing as well. Nope. Infection. Staph infection. And possible thrush. Prohibited me from nursing on one side for about 48 hours (which I was okay with because nursing on that particular side hurt so bad because of the infection(s) that I would scream). Caused my body to stop producing due to over-demand and stress. Never thought a body could shut down so quickly. Tried to persevere. Basically "gave up". Started supplementing. On my last attempt, it all came back. Everything seems to be okay now. I am unsure of exactly how long I wish to nurse (I mean, come on. look at what I did with Lucas). But I would have been devastated if I hadn't made it even two short weeks (though the reason would have been legitimate). Other than that snafu, things here are great!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


After Lucas was born, I did a comparison post with photos of Joel and Lucas. Thought it would be fun to compare all three. Joel: on the LEFT. Lucas: in the MIDDLE. Daniel: on the RIGHT. Sorry that some of the pics are not the best quality (may not bug you, but drives me crazy).
Last picture before baby came

Holding baby for the first time

Daddy holding baby for the first time

Baby's first bath

Mommy holding baby on day 2

Daddy holding baby

My friend, Gina "Banina" holding baby for the first time

Baby in car seat, heading for home

Just a day shy of 2 weeks old (I think all three look different)

Know what is weird to comprehend? I have THREE children. Weird.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday, Robert gave me these beautiful roses for our anniversary. He said, "I got you white ones because that is the color you wore four years ago today". Romantic, right? My response: "OR because that was the only color available..." I sure know how to kill a sincerely sweet moment, don't I? Regardless. Four years. Ups and downs as with any marriage. But I wouldn't trade a single minute. Nope. Why? Because Robert is the most amazing person I know. And I am so happy to call him mine.

Ps. The roses... the only thing we did to celebrate. Something about having just given birth to our third child...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


As promised, here are Daniel's newborn pictures
Proud for so many reasons... I took these pictures... I crocheted the owl hat, bear set, & blue blanket... I sewed the tan minky blanket... I MADE THAT BABY...
Seriously. Daniel could not have been more chill for these pictures.
And so glad I did them when I did. His silky smooth skin is getting a little blotchy here and there.
Not to mention the peeling hands and feet. And the newborn zits that are starting to form.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

one week

It has been a week since Daniel was born. Relatively short amount of time. Yet I still have no clue where the time went. Seriously, blinked & he was here. Maybe if I stop blinking he will always stay this way... So far: perfect baby (probably helps that he is number three. having been through this multiple times seems to make it easier). Even though he is just a week old, Daniel is already forming a natural schedule. His feeding times during the day fall perfectly into place with the schedule Joel and Lucas have. LOVE IT. And, luckily for me, he only requires ONE feeding between 10pm and 8am. LOVE IT EVEN MORE. Sleeps well, even when Joel and Lucas are wild and crazy or angry and upset. The boys love their "Baby Daniel". They always have to say "hi" to him first thing in the morning or "bye" to him any time they leave the room. Joel constantly asks to hold him. Both help give him his "blinky" (binky) when it pops out of his mouth. Currently: no resentment over a new baby. Robert went back to work today. Things could not have gone more smoothly for my first day alone. With three babies. Under the age of three. Maybe I am capable of this whole mothering thing after all...
Funny thing is, I totally have a picture of Joel poking Lucas in the head when he was born... Apparently poking is Joel's thing.