Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am uber frustrated; I was intending to post pictures by the day's end of the numerous projects that I had planned on finishing today, but (unless a miracle occurs) that wont be happening because:

  • Scrapbooks Etc. is all out of ASU paper AND our printer is out of colored ink - so I can't make my own ASU paper (but photos of that project might have to wait until next Saturday anyway since it is a gift)
  • I can't paint the little wooden disks I have for the mobile I'm making because they need holes for hanging before being painted (I don't want to chip the paint by adding holes afterward)
  • though we have a drill, we don't have any bits (well, we have two but they are 8x's too big), which I need to drill holes through little wooden disks for the mobile
  • I can't fix my "lemonade" sign I just made (which just broke) because, once again, no drill bits
  • Neither Scrapbooks Etc., nor Michael's, nor Hobby Lobby have solid red velvet paper for the "R" I'm going to add to the fabric canvases in our bedroom (I may have to get fabric for this one, which is expensive - grr)
  • I can't make my kitchen window valences because I have no way to cut my wood down to size (in dire need of a table saw)

I'm not complaining (in a whiny sort of way), I am just frustrated since I had set aside today for projects and now I am basically a bump on a log... which means I will probably blog-hop all of my favorite crafting blogs and gather yet even more ideas (to my husband's dismay). Oh, and this entire post is comprised of two sentences, this being one of the two - impressive.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

STILL going...

I may be going (project-wise) for forever... I seem to have an endless supply of energy (which will soon be depleted when Lucas is born). Monday was my idea-collecting day, when I perused crafting blogs and project websites (and the occasional recipe page). Tuesday, I made graham crackers. From scratch. Easier than you might think. They turned out GREAT (and are more than half gone already, even though the recipe yields nearly 5 dozen...)!
Wednesday, my graham crackers went from being crackers to crust to key lime pie. Divine (and the ironic thing is, I have never cared for key lime pie. I just remember it as one of my dad's favorite desserts. I made it in honor of him - and love the taste).
I am already thinking of what dessert I want to make next week...
Thursday, I spent a chunk of the day painting. I had been putting off painting for weeks. As a result, Joel got to my white canvases and put dirty hand prints all over them. After a bit of frustration from the paint (and some ruined clothing), I finished the paintings for the nursery.
The paintings are larger than they appear: the canvases are 16" x 20 "
(having a second story in my house allowed me to pull off this photo)
I made the ones with the red and green stripe a year ago
Thursday evening, Robert & I went with my mom to a friend's homecoming (yay Elder Wells). While there, my mom decided to undermine my authority over my child and feed him a cookie (what are grandmas for, anyway?!). An ENTIRE cookie (which my dad later compared to an adult eating an entire chocolate cake). I will admit, it was entertaining. Joel thought he was such a big boy, biting off bits of cookie on his own.
Oh, that dark spot under his eye is a bruise - his first. He decided to run into the coffee table...
Friday, I cleaned my entire house (my usual Friday routine), so no adventures here. I did, however, take a picture of my growing garden. Miracle grow in a pot for 99 cents. I never knew plants could grow so fast! I may be picking tomatoes and basil next week at this rate...
Other than working on projects on a daily basis, I have been walking a half mile AND swimming a half mile four to five times a week. It. Feels. Great. Oh, and Robert & I have been cooking dinner EVERY night, only relying on eating-out twice during the month of July (I'll admit, it is all because of my awesome dinner calendar). Fetch yes.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Lisa (sister-in-law Lisa), your bows are at Mom & Dad's (attached to the candy basket on top of the tv). I hope you like them!
Saturday was "Kirby Day" at Robert's credit union (Kirby is the kangaroo mascot for the kids' club). There was pizza, cookies, and someone dressed as a kangaroo. As mean as it sounds, I was hoping for a more dramatic reaction than what we got when Joel met Kirby...
A kangaroo that large would have scared the heck out of me!
By Sunday evening, I almost peed my pants twice. First, Emily dropped off our family pictures. I. LOVE. Them. They are perfect and capture our family wonderfully! Thank you, again, Emily! Second, right before going up to bed, I watered my "garden" and a couple of green sprouts poked out. Mom, Dad! I grew something without killing it!
Since there are SO MANY pictures that I love, I am going to post a handful and leave a link for the rest (it is so hard to pick just a few). For the web album of pictures, click here. Enjoy!
Oh, and since I don't really look very preggers in most of the pictures, I've included this one for your viewing pleasure:
Ps. Click on any of the pictures to view better

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I would have written before now but I have been busy (and I like to add pictures to every post). Last week, I got the hankering for peach cobbler. Never made it before; never even had it. What did I make on Thursday? Peach cobbler (a great food-storage recipe). It tasted great.
Friday was my "clean-the-entire-house" day (crazy as it is, I enjoy thoroughly cleaning my house). We had Robert's sister, Lisa, and family over for dinner. Chicken tomato alfredo. Delicious.
We were up at the crack o' dawn on Saturday for family pictures (I am trying to contain my excitement for the photos until I get them). After a swim in the late morning, Robert and I were off to Gammage with my parents to see this:
Freaking awesome (and I was skeptical)
Sunday was your average Sunday; church, naps, family. The norm.
This week has already been productive. It is amazing to me how I never cease to run out of ideas (could be because I permanently have the t.v. switched to channel eight "Create"). On Monday, I started re-vamping some paintings I made several years ago. While they are cute, they just weren't doing it for me anymore. A yard of fabric later, I had some new wall hangings to match a craft I made at a R.S. gathering several weeks back (it still needs a "pop" of red, but that is in progress).
Yesterday (Tuesday), I started craving bagels. Gluten free bagels, well... they suck. Simple as that. So I decided to make my own. Never made them before. I think for a first attempt, they turned out well. They look a little funny, but taste GREAT (and I am extremely picky about my bagels).
I also started sewing a purse yesterday (I mentioned possibly doing this when I made all those fabric flowers). Today, I finished off the purse by sewing on the strap and adding some accessories. I think I will make a couple more...
I even took on replacing a zipper today. Me. Replace a zipper. In Robert's NICE Sunday slacks. WOW (I impress myself sometimes).
Before making dinner this evening, I thought I would start my garden (a HUGE project in and of itself that I have been meaning to undertake). Want to see my garden? Here it is:
What? I never said it was big...
All of my projects are undertaken with this main staple in my diet:
Now, for some fun photos of Joel (who is super silly during bathtime/bedtime):
Happy... bathing!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

nine months

Joel is nine months old today. Because of this milestone, I thought I would share a bit about him.
Better pictures to come in a few days; Emily is taking our pictures again!
At nine months, Joel weighs 22lbs, 6oz and is 30.5" long. Joel loves to move. Moving around is one of his favorite things to do. He will crawl, roll, or scoot all over the house; his favorite place to get to is the hallway (he likes the "dingy" door stop). Joel also likes to move around while standing. He will walk circles around furniture. He thinks he can walk unsupported, but not quite yet. Joel also loves to eat. He has tasted every type of baby food and loves almost everything (not peas, just like his daddy). Amazingly enough, his favorite type of baby food is sweet potatoes (any type of fruit is a close second). He can eat an entire jar of baby food without getting any on his face (though that may be mommy's doing). He also enjoys Cheerio's, "nanas", noodles, and eggs. He will try anything to test out his "chompers". He has had six teeth since he was seven and a half months old (and his seventh tooth is close to coming through). Joel wants anything and everything technology; he likes computers, cameras, phones, remotes, you name it. Actually, this has become mommy's way of enticing Joel toward her; just place a phone or remote on the floor in front of you and he will be there in half a second. Joel is quite the mimicker; everyone gets a laugh from his tongue-clicking (a trait daddy taught him). He also waves to himself occasionally when you wave at him. When playing the piano, he will be like his daddy and try to turn the pages of the hymn book after playing a few notes. His personality is so full of life! Three months and my baby will be a year old; three months and my baby will have a baby brother.
While Joel moves and plays, I keep myself busy with my projects. Amazingly enough, I am still going. I completed a magnetic dinner board that matches my new kitchen decor. I even took it so far as to laminate the dinner cards so they will last longer. Having this new addition in the kitchen keeps me motivated to cook each night (that, and having Celiac's Disease means virtually NO fast food). It also makes it easier to compile a shopping list for groceries.
Luckily, this fruit didn't have the cement chunks in it like the pear and apple did.
I have also started working on decor for the nursery. I made a craft with Joel's name on it last year; it is only fitting that I make the same craft (in different colors) with Lucas's name on it. I am not quite finished. I am patiently waiting until we have enough $$ to fund the rest of the project (five 8x11 frames are not cheap).
Joel's "color" is green; Lucas's name will be on blue...
Ps. There are tiny polka-dots outlining the letters
I have also started working on some paintings for the nursery (to match the paintings I did last year). Thus far, they have been painted white, so pictures weren't necessary.
Unfortunately, I have had to take a break from the wooden rocking chair. The electric palm sander that my dad let me borrow died immediately after the baby/dust incident. I have not felt like conquering the 105+ degree weather to finish sanding it by hand. I think I will hold off on that project for a bit...