Saturday, March 29, 2008


Robert and I had the pleasure of spending the day at the Pinal County fair... Overly exciting. My cousin Kristen was showing her cow at the auction. Other than the fact that we were in the middle of NOWHERE with not much to do, it wasn't that bad. Since my family arrived a few hours early - Kristen was number 257-, my mom and I took off to look around. We covered the fair grounds in less than 10 minutes. Not too much to see. We had lunch, nachos and an icee for me, before heading back to the auction area. A little later, Robert and I took off with the intent of riding the ferris wheel. We never actually made it there, but we did see the rabbits, goats, and a goose. There was still an hour to go when we returned. My mom and I snuck up close to watch the auctioning; the auctioneer was amazing! There were some beautiful steers and swine, but most were going for low prices. A few minutes before Kristen was up, her cow got away while she was trying to untie him. Apparently, the cow took off for the parking lot and my cousin and aunt had to tackle him to get him to come back! My cousin's turn finally came around 5:30... She only got $1.25 per lb. The top steer went for around $6 per lb. She raised enough to pay off the food debt for the cow. Meh. What an exciting day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Robert and I were fortunate enough to go to Utah this past weekend. We left Friday morning, stayed at Seth & Joyelle's, visited family & friends, and came home Monday evening. The drive up was fairly uneventful; at least until we got to Provo. Utah has insane drivers! We nearly got killed when a car decided to merge on top of us without signaling. Friday night was spent catching up with Seth and Joyelle... and making Little Seth smile. He is such a happy baby! ... Well, until he gets hungry. Then he makes all sorts of funny noises. Saturday morning we did a session in the Provo temple. New temples are always a fun experience, but sometimes they can be confusing. After our session, we drove to South Ogden to visit my friends Lorraine & Daiane. Lo & Dai are both Brasilian; Dai married an American and moved to Utah while Lo still lives in Brasil. I haven't seen Lo in about 5 or 6 years, so I insisted on this visit! We went out to Applebee's and then to this awesome place called Fat Cats. Fat Cats has indoor rock climbing, surfing, sky diving, as well as bowling, glow golf, and an arcade. We watched the indoor sky diving for a while; CRAZY!!! We played a game of glow golf; some of us were better than others. :) We spent the remainder of the evening at Dai's house recalling old memories and talking about Brasil. We got to sleep in Sunday morning. Robert went to choir practice with Seth and Joyelle while I stayed home and watched Little Seth. Luckily, everyone came home when he started to get fussy. I was a little distracted at church; what with the over-active children and the little boy on a leash (he would pull as far as he could and fall over). I saw an old friend from high school, Ruth. We only stayed for sacrament because I was feeling poorly. The rest of the day was spent talking with Seth and Joyelle. Robert had fun bring up old memories with Seth about their childhood. Joyelle and I just laughed at how silly the Roots were as children. The ride home Monday was also uneventful. We visited with family once we made it into town. As fun as it was to be visitng in Utah, it as nice to come home to our house and sleep in our bed. Thanks Seth and Joyelle for your hospitality!