Monday, February 14, 2011

Ode to Love

I might get in trouble for this since Leigh has already posted today, but I thought that I would share some thoughts.

Since being a parent of two with another on the way, we have had to manage our money a little more. Therefore, we really didn't do much for Valentine's Day this year. Leigh likes surprises, so I want everyone to know how much I love my dear wife. And I can say that I did give her a present (though I don't know why she would need anything else - I should be present enough).

For those of you who know Leigh, you all know how wonderfully talented she is. She takes on any project that seems interesting to her (scrapbooking, crafts, party planning, photography, etc) and just seems to have a knack at excelling at them. Which is good for us, because if it were up to me, our house would be pretty bare. And one color.

Leigh is also a person filled with emotion. If you upset her, she gets quite upset. But when someone is lucky enough to become her friend, they have a friend for life. I was the lucky guy that snatched her up first. I know that when I get home, I have a loving wife waiting for me, excited for me to return home.

Leigh is also a wonderful mother. Unfortunately, I feel that this last one gets overlooked often. People come to expect certain things from women, and one of those is to be a mother. Let me tell you, it is hard work. I get exhausted just being with my boys for three hours in the evening. I can't imagine how a whole day would drain someone. But Leigh has done a wonderful job of raising two beautiful boys. I couldn't be more proud of my children, and the reason why they are the way they are is because of their mom.

There is more that I could mention, but it is 11:45 at night and my wife might be wondering why I haven't made it upstairs yet. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Happy Heart Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This past weekend was... nice. I was able to accomplish many things. I was able to surround myself with wonderful people. I was able to look inward and learn more about myself. Quick recap:
LOVE: When cutting up these veggies, Joel asked if he could eat some tomatoes and cucumbers. I told him they were for a church dinner. His response, "Jesus cucumbers. Jesus tomatoes". I love that he associates Jesus with church, even if his comment is a little off. Love his innocence.
DO NOT LOVE: Cutting up 4 pints of grape tomatoes that are the size of dimes. Nor cutting up onions; they made me cry.

LOVE: Cleaning my house on a regular basis. May sound strange that I love doing this, but I am a neat freak and NEED my house to be orderly. I feel so accomplished afterward.
DO NOT LOVE: Having to use the bathroom RIGHT after scrubbing the toilet. Weird, but it irritates me when I have to use the toilet I just cleaned (and may rub it down with a lysol wipe after).

LOVE: Being able to get out and walk with people that I dearly care for. Love that things fell perfectly into place to give me the chance to participate. LOVE that I got to spend some quality time with my friend Amy.
DO NOT LOVE: Why I had the opportunity to participate in this event; the circumstances surrounding this event are heartbreaking.

LOVE: Coming home to see my little crazies with their noses pressed against the glass, smiles on their faces. Love that they light up when they see me after I have been away.
DO NOT LOVE: The fact that I have not cleaned that window for about 2 years and will not be able to clean it for many more to come; they are always dirtying it up.

LOVE: Being able to go to the temple for dear friends, especially dear friends that are like family. Love that her entire family considers me an adopted family member. Love her colors, love her style.
DO NOT LOVE: That I can't continuously plan my own wedding; that MY day has come and gone (but I do love my marriage).

LOVE: Swings. Period.
DO NOT LOVE: That I am an adult and cannot always be carefree nor can I always act like a child.

LOVE: Cherries, the color red, and sweet treats. That made this dessert extra delicious. Love that my mom found a new gluten-free recipe to try out for me.
DO NOT LOVE: That I cannot just eat a ginormous piece of cherry cheesecake or cherry pie or, well, nearly any dessert. I try to remind myself that I am skinnier and healthier for it...

LOVE: That my boys enjoy coloring and art. Love that they show interest in something that I have a passion for. And I love that they keep the crayons on the paper.
DO NOT LOVE: Lucas eats crayons. Ugh.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


30 seconds ending in pure hilarity. My child is "special"

In regards to Robert's comment ("Aww, you got your feet under you. Dang it"): Lucas was getting a leg
stuck underneath himself, resulting in him launching off the slide and landing on his back. Also hilarious.


Some days, Momma just needs to drive somewhere "far away". Friday took us to Fountain Hills where we walked, fed the ducks, watched the fountain, and played on the playground. I wish this place were a little closer...

You have NO idea the pride I get from this last image. Yes... that is my child.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

as of late

We have been trying to get out as much as possible. Mom is getting "cabin fever". The boys are getting antsy. Dad is getting home earlier from work. Walks. The park. Whatever it takes (wishing we had a backyard). Winter often feels like solitary confinement; we don't do well without sunlight. Oddly enough, I am wishing for the blazing hot summer. I can't wait to get into the pool...
The first thing Joel says to Robert when he gets home from work is "duckies".
I am SO okay with daily trips to the park to feed the ducks.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is mainly for Staci T.:

I made a new post! (bet that made you smile)

For everyone else, I promise I will post soon. With pictures. Just busy with. . . well. . . life.