Tuesday, August 25, 2009

smile on my face

Simple things make me smile. Like new pots for my plants.
The new pots make them look so small!
And finding a piece of heaven at Safeway. I was going to do this from scratch, but someone did it for me (no, not my loving husband)... my new best friend Betty.
Oh how I have craved chocolate cake (the sprinkles were my childish indulgence).
Oh yeah, and this little guy finally making it safely into the world makes me smile almost as much as the birth of my own. Welcome to the world, Adam Anthony Sisneros (can't wait to meet you; wish you didn't live in Texas)! Congratulations Matt and Jodi (my bestest best best friend); I'm so proud.
You gave your mom QUITE a scare; but then again, how can
anyone be prepared for an emergency C-section?!
August 25th, 2009 at 3:00am (on the dot!)
6 lbs 12 oz, 19.25 in
ten fingers, ten toes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

or not...

I lied. I am not done. I don't think I am the type of person that will ever be done. I tried relaxing on Monday and Tuesday. No good. I went crazy. More so than I now feel like with my unhappy child (who drives me nuts on a regular basis. Teething is not a fun stage). Wednesday I came up with an idea and began that project. This one will take some time, but it is something I have wanted to do for three years. Lets just say
this: plus this:
equals something that will be ridiculously awesome
(Nikki, you will appreciate this one).
So, at my baby shower last year I received the CUTEST quilt from Robert's Aunt Nancy. I love it so much that I decided both boys need to have one. Lucas will get the one Aunt Nancy made; Joel will get the new green one I made yesterday.
I am still smiling about the fact I made this. Hidden seam. Hand tied. Oh yeah.
I also made a blue plush blankie for Lucas yesterday (Joel has a green one). I don't want one boy to be jealous of the other over stuff, so I am making sure they each have their own items (and yes, I am color coordinating them. Joel gets green, Lucas gets blue).
Today has been spent making diaper cakes (and NOT cleaning the entire house. Amazing, I know... that will be tomorrow). I have at least three baby showers coming up in the near future, two of which within the next week. Rolling and rubber-banding diapers is about as fun as it sounds...
Yes, Crystal, one is for you. :)
I physically (and mentally) can't sit still. It just doesn't happen for me. Who knows what I will undertake next....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the end

The end. Not really. I have finished all of the projects I had set out to accomplish (minus the rocking chair... ugh). Plus more.
Kitchen window valences...
Lucas's framed name for the nursery...
Backpack for my mom for Key West...
Stinkin' cute dress for my niece Taylor...
A handful of bows and flowers for Taylor's headbands...
Guess what?! I am done. Sure, I may find projects to occupy my time along the way. But I have completed everything that sparked my interest. I had one productive summer. Now I shall hibernate for the fall and winter... Oh, and give birth somewhere in there.
For those of you who are curious as to how I get everything done with a 10 month old; I often ignore him (not even kidding around here). He doesn't bother me and I don't bother him. He is very independent and would rather be doing his own thing anyway. Sometimes I work while he naps, but when he is awake he is preoccupied with the piano or windows (like at this moment, for instance. He is banging away on the piano). We have a good relationship.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes, I am still alive. I apologize to any avid readers who may have been disconcerted by my disappearance. I have been working on projects and playing with my ever-so-needy child these past two weeks. I think I may be slowing down, too. It is getting harder and harder to continue as both Joel and Lucas grow (I think they are already competing for my attention). I have completed all of the projects from my previous post (with the exception of one), plus more. My ASU baby shower gift was made and delivered, the mobile was created and waiting to be hung, the "lemonade" sign was drilled and placed, AND I decoupaged the R for the fabric canvases (my bedroom is finally "done"). Still waiting to make the window valences, but I am patient (I realized I have a machete... I may not need a table saw after all. Thank you, Africa!).
ASU closet dividers (to separate baby clothes by size)

The mobile that will eventually make it into the nursery...

I was finally able to do something with the decorative hanger over the fireplace!

Our bedroom went from this... (above)

To this... (ah, much better)

I made a little hanging sign for the washer/dryer to help me remember whether I have clothes sitting in the washer waiting to be dried and folded. I also hand stitched some play felt food. I even turned some fabric fat quarters and food storage beans (we have three cans) into alphabet bean bags. The bean bags excite me more than they do Joel. In fact, he could care less for them at this point. I am excited because I can use them to help him learn the alphabet, to count, and his colors. I made a matching drawstring bag with a pocket (at some point, I will make little laminate cards with bean bag games to stick in the pocket). Finally, my little garden is still growing away; I need to transplant my plants into new pots since they have grown SO MUCH (no pictures here... maybe when I get new pots)! Unfortunately, I haven't had time or energy to experiment with new dishes (unless you count putting a new DELICIOUS seasoning on my chicken... oh, how I love you, McCormick Lemon Pepper seasoning...).
This has changed my life. Seriously. No more forgetting wet clothes for days...

Carrot. Strawberry. Pea pod (with little round peas inside).

I love them (more than my son does)!

He helped me by doing this....

Robert and I had the marvelous opportunity to bring our friends (who recently became parents) dinner this past Saturday. That opportunity gave me the opportunity to see what life would be like with triplets (did I mention that they had THREE newborn babies?). Um. Crazy. So precious. And holding three babies at once is MUCH more difficult than you may think (especially when you are 7 months pregnant).
Super crazy. Tucker. Sean. Audrey. (oh, and Lucas inside me.)

The pregnancy has been going pretty well. Had a "scare" Monday and Tuesday (which is why it is now Wednesday and I am FINALLY blogging). I couldn't walk across my living room without feeling like I was going to black out (not normal towards the end of the pregnancy). Constant spinning and light-headedness for, oh, 28 hours +. I had a difficult time taking care of Joel. Fortunately, I had an appointment yesterday. Of course, my Obgyn was at the hospital delivering. My luck. The nurse was a little worried, so she did an ultrasound (my fourth so far for this pregnancy). Everything seemed okay with the baby, but she had another Obgyn come in to rule out potential problems. Can't figure out what is wrong with me, but not too worried. I am slightly annoyed; I would rather pass out or feel fine. None of this in-between crap (excuse me. But it is similar to feeling like you are going to throw up as opposed to actually doing it). Luckily, the feeling is going away, so I can function almost normally today. Other than that, this pregnancy has been perfect. My weight gain is great (I gained a little too much with Joel - 42 lbs) and slowly climbing. I still think this baby will be about 9 lbs. Since Joel was over 9 lbs, the doc wont let me go but a day or so over my due date (Oct. 5th).
So yes. That is our life. My next project is for my mom, but I will probably post it. Eventually I will get the rocking chair and window valences done. At some point. In the... future.