Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday what

Look! It is Wednesday and I'm posting.
You should be proud.
We finally managed a picture of our family of six. With four under the age of four, it couldn't be better.
Seriously. Joel looks like a lunatic in the 56 other shots.
I have cute kids.

So. As of late.
My cousin had a baby three weeks ago.
My sister in law had a baby one week ago.
Yay babies!
Installed AMAZING cordless blackout blinds. Love, love, love them.
Baked some delicious orange creamsicle cookies for my dear neighbor's birthday.
Swam with all my babies. Well, I had Natalie. My mom and husband had the boys.
Cooked dinner for the first time in years. Not kidding. It has been about two years. Pathetic, I know.
Freaked out over shortcake. Long story. But near mental breakdown because of my dad's favorite dessert.
Celebrated triplets turning three at a pirate party. Evaded a water ballon fight.
Celebrated an amazing friends upcoming arrival of her baby boy. Cannot wait to see him.
Yeah. Nothing HUGE personally. But life is life. Just keeps moving along.
And since I am a silly OCD girl, I thought I would leave you with a set of comparison photos.
My cousin and I. At 7.5 months pregnant. And with our 2.5 and 4.5 week old babies.


Amy said...

AWE!!!! I love the pics.

Shawnda and Nathan Mills said...

details on the blinds... What kind and where? I wish I was brave like you to take my kids out of the house and swimming. Bubba is dying to get out.

Laura said...

I second Shawnda's comment. We MUST know more about the blinds! The 'bath towels pinned around the window' situation we have going on here just isn't cutting it anymore...

As always, your pics are beautiful. :)