Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wednesday what

This poor dude. Still doesn't get it. Soon he will not remember any different.
Not there yet.
Got to admit, he is the one that currently makes me smile the most.
Joel and Lucas are fun. But they talk back.
Natalie is precious. But she is basically a blob with a head.
Daniel smiles just because you look at him. Laughs because you laugh.
He will always be my baby boy. My Bubs.

So what of us as of late?
Well. Last week got worse before getting better.
Broken AC and indoor temp of 86.
Joel breaking out with a body-covering rash.
Me eating trace amounts of gluten and being wiped out for a day.
Yeah... That was just Thursday. Since then:
Photographing my cousins new baby.
First time back to church since Natalie arrived.
Discovering Natalie has a slight umbilical hernia.
Having my couch painted with finger nail polish by two naughty boys.
No sleep. Lots of sleep.
Movies. Trampoline. Klondike bars. And Dr. Pepper.
I have a feeling life will never be dull.

Btw. Contemplating making a blog change. Like ditching this blog for a new one.
Don't worry. Still plan to update about us. Just want to appeal to more.
(basically, I want to be a ridiculously awesome blogger)


Kylie said...

I think you are a ridiculously awesome blogger. But you always have grand new ideas, so I'm sure if you decide to switch over, it'll be amazing.

ginalenore said...

That stinks (about the stinky things, of course) you know what you ate that had the gluten? Just curious..