Thursday, July 5, 2012

thursday wednesday what

I love when I get good pictures of my littles. I think this is a good picture.
Notice how Daniel looks like no one. Robert questions it.

Sorry about yesterday. I was sick. Still am.
This past week has been crazy.
Racquetball. Painting. Date night. Painting. Laundry. Pilates. Painting.
And, as always, four kids.
Monday was ridiculously productive. Got SO many things done.
Tuesday was absolutely unproductive. Got nothing done.
It was Tuesday night that I started to feel blah.
Come Wednesday, full on sore throat, post nasal drip, and groggy head.
Despite my yuckies, we went about Wednesday as planned. Mostly.
Ward pancake breakfast with both sets of parents. Loved it.
We got to see how silly Joel is once again.
He is one of THOSE kids when it comes to Primary performances.
Can't wait for the Primary Program... Not.
Once we got home, I basically curled up in a sad little ball of sickness.
We had planned to swim at my parents' house, but had to forgo that.
Rain. Oh, and I felt like crap.
Robert baked the cookies I was suppose to make.
Then we went to Robert's parents' house for hamburgers and hot dogs.
And that was it. No fireworks. Which I am okay with.

Oh. Btw. I started a new "diet". No more sugar or salt.
Not like full out. But no sweets like ice cream and such.
And no added salt to my food.
I am 8 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.
13 away from my wedding weight.
And 18 away from my goal weight.
So I am eating healthier. And rocking the dancer Pilates.
My body will thank me.

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